Lazy Day

I slept in late. Meat was in the crock pot by noontime. Will add carrots, potatoes and onion halves in a couple of.hours.

I generally trim any fat off. I left a little on this time to make a natural au jus with it. He can have his tri tip with sides, I’m having a French dip. 

Of course any fat will be removed before dinner. Western medicine recommends and is even sometimes adamant about removing salt from our diets, especially for heart health. Please be advised that iodine is an essential element our bodies require for sustainability. Moderation is all we need, ever.

Our daughter and grandson are already on the greyhound to Texas. I’m going to drive to the store just down the street Friday or Saturday. It will be the 4th time I’ve driven over the last year. I’m not skilled for lane changes, abrupt stops or freeways still. Getting myself out even twice a month would be a plus and progress. Continued goals. In person, I’m fairly quiet and to myself. Shocking to some, I’m sure. 

This is an otherwise lazy day and I like it.

Movie time.

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