As Natural As I Can

Throughout my years of pain, I’ve done Functional Restoration, LLLT, Bowen, and MLT. And of course I’ve had a Medtronic Spinal Cord Stimulator for 11 years. I just received an authorization to begin PT again. This time for Myofascial release. MLT afforded me all this and more. I came forward an entire year without medication management, without any other pain interventions. That year would start 10 days from now in 2016.

I’m looking into Hydrotherapy because of the natural assistance it can offer.  I’m asking others who’ve tried it to offer feedback.

I did just receive an authorization to begin PT again. Myofascial release. It may not seem a natural alternative to attend physical therapy, but it is. Any type of PT is as natural as it gets. Even if the protocols are more traditional in western medicine, if you can find something outside of or complementary to, you’re above it.

I’m working on creating my own medicinal herb garden. I’m a couple of months away from actually beginning it. I’ve learned to make tinctures as far as book learned, I’m yet to create them from my own hands.

I’m doing these things in order to continue my protocols from MLT not because MLT has somehow failed me. On the contrary it hasn’t at all.

People use Ketamine, pain medications, other modalities, therapies and treatments. Few of these remain available to us at all times. MLT is no different for me.

MLT is noted in my permanent medical record as having been a positive pain reducing, therapy, symptom reducing treatment for the several pain related disorders that I have. It’s listed under Manual Ligament Therapy and Arik Gohl. Right there in my treatment histories.

There are so many alternative things we can try for ourselves. The balls I use that I learned at the MLT healing retreat has afforded my body ease, too. They have restored blood flow and reduced other internal problems.


I’m always thinking of ways to help myself. I’m using marbles. Childrens marbles for my hands. Aside from my ball and roller, I thought what else could I try?

You know the dog toys that have a ball on one end and a tug handle on the other? Yes! Because if I have my ball on my back against a platform, couch, wall etc it can often slip on me.  This toy I can maneuver, slip over my shoulder and control better.

The household items that can be are saviors above anything else. You know? These can be in our reach when other treatments can’t be.

To be continued…