Music Movement Therapy

I’ve mentioned many times that I utilize spring and summer for water therapy. I’ve done this for more years than I can count. I even did this in the years prior to CRPS. That was for Juvenile Arthritis.

After our home burned to the ground 21 years ago, we lived in an apartment where a kiddie pool couldn’t be used for 5 years. A year after the fire was my injuries that led to CRPS.

Water has always helped me. It’s light, weightless and I can get movement and stretching in that is otherwise difficult and painful. I’m no stranger to discomfort. My whole life.

I started the music movement therapy August 27th. Low carbs for the last 6 months, and began wearing the shoes with my custom Orthotics in them again on September 7th.

Between swelling, additional injuries, and weight gain I wasn’t able to use them. I couldn’t go up a size because the orthotics are specific for this size shoe. In fact these are the only shoes I’ve ever had them in. 5 years old and haven’t worn them at all since 2018.

Trying again.

Music, of course, generally inspires movement for me even if its non weight bearing. However, the periods of major depression didn’t let me catch that vibe.

I started off with my son’s song California Dreamin’.

I’m up to 2 songs most days. About 7 non stop minutes.

Right now, My main focus is my upper body with 2 lb weights. My arms are effected by my cervical spine.

I’m practicing balance for lower extremities. My truth is that I’ve stumbled, and nearly biffed it several times over since beginning.

My predominant CRPS foot is frequently bruised just from standing, or the slightest bend, and this hasnt helped that any.

Sometimes, I’m really not sure when enough is enough.

The physical try is both beneficial and harmful to my bones. I have to continue to get this weight off and kiddie pool time is over for the year.

It’s just movement to music. Hardly a workout, and not quite dancing. It’s a start and a little more than water PT offered.

2 of my other favorite songs to do are Boogie Shoes and Monday Morning.

I am that old.

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