Father Like Son 

Or is it son like father? I’ve mentioned before that I was a few months from 30 when our son was born. His dad already was. Our daughter’s were born nearly a decade earlier. 

We all had a blast tonight. I had them rolling in laughter. Several times. 

I loved that. I loved sharing their laughter. 

But mostly I loved being the reason for it. 

Quick witted, on the fly, hilarious. 

They’re both alpha males and because of that they’ve sometimes clashed. A dominant can’t go up against a dominant without one of them submitting unless a respect settles a discussion, feud, or compromise. 

As wolves in the wild they’d most likely kill one another. As humans its possible for both to remain and thrive among each other.

The alpha may become ill, age, deteriorate, but when his pup grows into his equal and is right there to carry his load? And his pack? As the only blood to carry his name, uphold his wishes and protect his property? 

Ozra, Jasmine, and Erik. January 13, 2018. Old Spaghetti Factory. Sacramento.

He knows that his puppy provided when he couldn’t and that he himself is working on expressing his love and gratitude without growling. 

One is 20, the other is 50.
Padre como hijo.

Clumsy or…

Let’s see how long it takes this time. Early yesterday afternoon I went outside to accept a delivery. I signed for it, received it, and proceeded back inside.

We have a heavy duty steel screen door. I must have swung it too hard behind me to close it before I stepped inside fully and my foot got caught beneath the metal frame and door frame. Ugh at the stinging as I pulled the screen door off my ankle. I wanted to scream, cry and yell out every profanity I knew.

I didn’t do any of them. 

I just stood there grabbing the door frame to support my balance until I could make it to the recliner just a few feet away. Pain was loud yet only in my head 

I had walked outside in just socks onto the wet pavement. 

I didn’t take those socks off or even look and my foot for over an hour after. I had to put myself again directly into the mindset of don’t worry, don’t stress over it, go to your happy places.

I peeled those wet socks off finally.

Dog hair, soggy from outside, yuck.

I did think later, well I won’t be driving to the little store as planned now. 

I had re injured myself in May too and fairly badly. I didn’t go get xrays or see a doctor. It took nearly 2 months to fully heal, but I was right on top of it with Epsom soaks, ice, rest and movement. It was the first time in 16 years I had used ice on a CRPS limb. I didn’t really have a choice. Wait! I did. I could have stayed away from the ice and accepted those consequences, too. 

I won’t be seeking medical care this time either.

We were invited to dinner with our son and his girl for tonight. 

(The majority of this blog was written yesterday, injury was early on the 11th. Last 2 photos were taken earlier today)