Father Like Son 

Or is it son like father? I’ve mentioned before that I was a few months from 30 when our son was born. His dad already was. Our daughter’s were born nearly a decade earlier. 

We all had a blast tonight. I had them rolling in laughter. Several times. 

I loved that. I loved sharing their laughter. 

But mostly I loved being the reason for it. 

Quick witted, on the fly, hilarious. 

They’re both alpha males and because of that they’ve sometimes clashed. A dominant can’t go up against a dominant without one of them submitting unless a respect settles a discussion, feud, or compromise. 

As wolves in the wild they’d most likely kill one another. As humans its possible for both to remain and thrive among each other.

The alpha may become ill, age, deteriorate, but when his pup grows into his equal and is right there to carry his load? And his pack? As the only blood to carry his name, uphold his wishes and protect his property? 

Ozra, Jasmine, and Erik. January 13, 2018. Old Spaghetti Factory. Sacramento.

He knows that his puppy provided when he couldn’t and that he himself is working on expressing his love and gratitude without growling. 

One is 20, the other is 50.
Padre como hijo.

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