It’s unfortunate that as pain patients we have to play the game you want us to in order to be accepted into society. In the midst of the CDC’s Opioid Prescribing Guidelines that are being implemented and much of the commentary by various members of the medical community, PROP or anti opioid groups I’m left with a single phrase of truth. “I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t.” And so are you!
Pain patients should just push through it right? Okay! We should stop whining, quit complaining, cease everything you consider negative and survive it, right? Damned straight I’m right! But check it out! As soon as we do, to appease you, we’re well enough, we fabricated it, malingerers, and we’re a yxz with predominate pain as described in the ICD 10. We’re fine if we do and we’re lazy cry babies if we don’t. Oh and that pain we have? We’re just obsessed. Are you sure about that?
Comments are finally open-
Your voice is important
You finally have the opportunity to read what is included.
I’ll be sure to have my death certificate fought in any instance, including suicide.
Enough really is enough already!



By Twinkle VanFleet


Just a Mirage

Collision, precision.


Decision, revision
Division, supervision

Manifested, suggested

Acquisition, recondition


Volition, superstition,



It’s all a ..
A smudge on the collage.

©2015 Twinkle VanFleet/Golden Rainbow Poetry/All rights reserved. Copyright Laws and Regulations of the United States http://www.copyright.gov/title17/


Twinkle V December 12, & 15 2015 #CRPS #StrongerThanPain

December 12 and December 15th. Still haven’t combed out them braids. 

The funny thing is that some of us fake it to make it, but really…
It’s just a mirage.


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