Cause of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Further Examined

Cause of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Further Examined.

The researchers reported recent discoveries indicated there is an “autoimmune contribution,” to the condition, which often occurs after a small accident or surgery and causes pain that persists for several years.”

By Jacquelyn Gray | August 05, 2014

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I shared a similar article a bit ago to my Facebook and related pages. This one is 2 days old. It is a reminder that there is hope!  ~T


3 thoughts on “Cause of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Further Examined

  1. Because of the autoimmune aspect of this horrible disorder, I have been following Dr. Terry Wahls’ anti-inflammatory protocol. I have given up gluten and dairy and follow her suggestions of lots of fruits, veggies, meat, fish, seeds and nuts. I have been following the diet for about five months now and the results are really beginning to show. My burning pain is way down. This makes sense–if small C nerve fibres are overstimulated by the immune system then removing inflammatory foods should help. And, it has! It hasn’t been easy giving up bread and pasta but it has been well worth it!


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