Taking a break

The last week has been heavy. After 5 days my daughter came home from UCD Medical Center last evening. I have posted a bit, but we haven’t posted any specifics. We’ve been told she may have a rare form of cancer. She’s 26 years old. When she came out from her biopsies we were handed a piece of paper with the expected diagnosis written down based on the cells appearance. I won’t say it because I cannot, plus we don’t know for certain yet. There is still hope. An instant mama’s cry echoed from my vocal chords and I nearly hit the floor. If it hadn’t been for my cousin and husband I would have. My daughters recovery nurse came over and hugged me tightly and whispered “be strong”. I do have to be strong for my girl. We were suppose to have the preliminary results of the biopsies yesterday, but we didn’t get them. We will have them next week. My faith in God is all that is holding me together. My husband is keeping it inside and I am falling apart all because of my own illnesses and secondary depression as a result of CRPS. Now it’s so much worse. On the way to see our daughter a couple of days ago, I couldn’t stop crying, my sun glasses were on, my eyes which are already an almond slanted shape were so tiny they looked closed. I asked him if he could get to my doctor from where we were as we had just passed the street. He went around and took me. They seen me immediately without an appointment. Due to the flare up in my legs and the refusal to use my wheelchair to go back and forth, I had my Cymbalta increased. All I need is to be better for my family. All I need is to get me better, so I can be better for them. My son goes to Shriner’s next month, my EMG is on the 2nd, my husbands ongoing heart, diabetes, tear in his shoulder and now something I can’t face. Life is a learning experience. All of it is. With all that I face, I learn. That’s why I’ve been blessed to help others.

I’ve walked so many shoes, but this one…   nope nope nope.

I’ve taken time of from POPF, they immediately told me to take care of my family. I’m taking time off from my Group and related activities.

I’ll be around. Perhaps posting or sharing as a diversion.  In the meantime, I’ll be using my time to read and catch up on other issues.

There’s still hope and I’m praying. If you don’t pray or believe in the same, I respect that, maybe you can hope for us instead… ~T


Expert Panel Concludes Neurostimulation Can Be Life-Changing Therapy for Chronic Pain

Released: 12-Aug-2014 10:00 AM EDT Source Newsroom: Johns Hopkins Medicine

via Expert Panel Concludes Neurostimulation Can Be Life-Changing Therapy for Chronic Pain.


An additional article can be found by News Medical:

Published on August 13, 2014 at 5:28 AM 

Researchers determine safety and effectiveness of neurostimulation to treat chronic pain

Teaching the Nervous System to Forget Chronic Pain — NOVA Next | PBS

Teaching the Nervous System to Forget Chronic Pain — NOVA Next | PBSBy  on Wed, 13 Aug 2014

POPF 2014 National P.A.I.N Summit with Montel Williams



Study reveals brain mechanism behind chronic pain’s sapping of motivation | News Center | Stanford Medicine

Study reveals brain mechanism behind chronic pain’s sapping of motivation | News Center | Stanford Medicine.

Moreover, the difference didn’t disappear even when the scientists relieved the mice’s pain with analgesics. “They were in demonstrably less pain, but they were still less willing to work,” Malenka said.”


In my own opinion I have often wondered if when chronic constant nagging moment by moment pain is finally relieved if somewhere, somehow a “Learned Behavior” evolves quickly.

I offer an example from a personal perspective only. There have been a couple of times out of the dozen + Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve (Pain) Blocks that I have had that my pain decreased to the point that I rested my body on the sofa, elevated my legs, turned off social media other than an update, watched movies and did little else other than take myself to the restroom as needed. The fire that inflamed my right flesh decreased, regardless if it had remained above, swelling decreased drastically from a huge calf to a notable atrophied one. Yet I lay there.


I am absolutely aware that I may receive contradicting comments. That is okay! I am curious! I am an avid information seeker. Valid information. This is only a thought! And I am using myself instead of others who I have witnessed mirror the same amount of time. A day to 3 post block and others who continued to lounge for weeks. Regardless of whether or not the block actually helped. I am not including down time due to complications as in all of mine I have not experienced side affects other than upper groin discomfort which subsided after a day. That discomfort did however alter the ability to stand for a few hours after the procedure.

Can Chronic Pain become a Learned Behavior? I tend to believe it can after habits are formed. Chronic pain can become a habit. It is constant after all.

Your thoughts are welcome! ~T


Author Donna Nefferdorf Releases “To Know Him Is To Love Him”

– A Real Story of Healing With the Help of the Creator

ToKnowHimIsToLoveHimCover. DonnaPhysical, emotional and spiritual challenges can be part of life.  Author Donna Nefferdorf has faced them all and tells how she has been able to overcome these challenges with the help of the Great Physician in her new book “To Know Him Is To Love Him.”


The early response from readers to this heart-felt tale of faith has been remarkable.


July 12, 2014


No one can honestly deny the world is filled with suffering; physical illness, disease, and mental scars that have carried on for generations.  Is there a way to heal?  And is it open to each and every person, if they open up to be healed?  This compelling subject is addressed, by author and minister Donna Nefferdorf in her recently released book “To Know Him Is To Love Him” that tells her real-life story of facing these kinds of issues and overcoming them, with the help of her faith and the Creator.  Readers are reacting to the honesty and delivery of this message of hope, with enthusiasm.


“I really believe my book offers true hope and healing,” commented Nefferdorf.  “To Know Him Is To Love Him, reveals the ‘power of God’s love’ to help anyone overcome their own life challenges.  I’ve experienced this power of healing myself, and it’s a blessing to be able to share this experience with my readers.”


The book was published by Advanced Global Publishing in Shippensburg, PA, on June 27th, 2014.  It’s currently available across multiple formats including as a paperback through Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com and as an ebook from Ingram.


According to Advanced Global Publishing their goal of publishing the book, as well as all of their publishing projects is, “Sharing the love of God one heart at a time to advance the Kingdom of God on earth”.  It’s very clear that “To Know Him Is To Love Him” is a book that embodies that goal, an effort to show the power of the divine to heal everyday problems and bring happiness and fulfillment.  Nefferdorf eloquently helps readers boost their confidence, self-image, courage, and compassion as they come to see in life they are never alone while battling serious health problems, even life threatening ones, or  in better times when they enjoy abundant life as the Creator intended.


Nefferdorf is a minister with Global New Beginnings, which aims to lead others to a “new beginning” with the Father, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


According to early reviews, this new book should go a long way towards inspiring others to explore this relationship.


Evangelist Janice Hollan, recently said, “This book is my friend’s new release and God blessed me to endorse it! I would encourage all to read it! You will find hope, healing, and encouragement in your own life through the testimony of her storms!”


For more information be sure to visit http://www.globalnewbeginnings.com.


Donna is an RSDS Survivor and her story will tell you how. ~T

Cause of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Further Examined

Cause of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Further Examined.

The researchers reported recent discoveries indicated there is an “autoimmune contribution,” to the condition, which often occurs after a small accident or surgery and causes pain that persists for several years.”

By Jacquelyn Gray | August 05, 2014

Click above for full article

(Pressed Post)

I shared a similar article a bit ago to my Facebook and related pages. This one is 2 days old. It is a reminder that there is hope!  ~T

Faces of Pain Video 6 Presented by the Power of Pain Foundation (English and Spanish)

POPFNewNationalThe Power of Pain Foundation presents Faces of Pain 2014. The video features neuropathic information in both English and Spanish.

Faces of Pain 6th edition for Power of Pain Foundation

Thank you to everyone who participated in this video. Without you it would not have been possible. Thank you Jane Gonzales for writing the beautiful song, My Only Consolation.

Thank you Vanessa Lara-VanFleet, California Representative POPF for the translations. You did amazing as I knew you would.

Thank you Kurtis VanFleet National Youth Ambassador POPF for the unique Photo’s. One taken in West Sacramento, the other in Sacramento CA.

Thank you Barby Ingle, Ken Taylor.

Together we can! And we do!

Power of Pain Foundation is a National 501(C)(3) Nonprofit charity serving the pain citizens of America through education, awareness, social events, and access to care services.



Nobody Knew

Nobody knew that my first and only grandson may have been the second miracle of my life. My daughters Kharisma and Erykah have never had what most pre teens, teenagers or women have. A normal menstrual cycle. Many of us lack normalcy, but my daughter’s have but 1 or 2 a year. So if you believe in a God above, you must believe that De’Mantai Xayvier as a blessing. While it’s been mentioned by my oldest daughter, his mother, Kharisma Anna Magdelena many times, she was 17 when he was born. She calls herself a single  Mama, but ‘Tai’s Daddy is good, too. Some have taken and some have given to him, I give because I feel and when someone feels, they know.

I’ve never been regular in my life and I will never know if it played a factor in losing my twins, one which was ectopic, the other which resided in my uterus, and both of which were removed from me at the same time without notice. I was that close to not making it. It wasn’t the first time in my life I was close to heaven. The first was upon my own birth, prior, the loss of my own twin.

It’s easy to make jokes, God didn’t want there to be two of me.

I know my 2 have a Mama there .. they still have me!

After the loss of my own twins and the Exploratory Laporatomy that still teaches new doctors today, I was reminded for years by the scar that begins at the left side of my belly and ends at the right. The incision that broke open, high, diagonally. , ugly, just a terrible reminder.  As I began to try to let it go, mostly for the one I wasn’t given a chance to save, the one inside my uterus, I prayed for ease.

I was told I was never able to have anymore children. I was 24. It was 1991. I had 2 beautiful baby girls. And babies they still were. If my twins had survived I would have had 4 babies in 4 years. It was a blessing some said. God made your choice for you! What choice?

No more babies for me!

The years went on, we worked so hard to give our girls all that we could. They had the doll houses, the park benches, washers and dryers, kitchen sets, Teddy Ruxpin (We still have him), neo pets, easy bake oven, so much.

When our girls were 8 and 9, I wasn’t feeling all that hot. I was always hot. Spiritual fire, fire and light, inspired, a life of service, for the people, always for the people, one way or the other. I made my life career in West Sacramento, CA.

I was pregnant! 1996. They said I couldn’t have it. So content. I knew he would be mine! And he was! Just like my daughters … mine!

That cord wrapped around his neck, body, as I attempted to deliver him. I could see signs on my husbands face, I pretended they weren’t there, my doctor, so calm, saved me and Kurtis, as he spun him so very fast as his 8 pound 4 ounce body exited me…

I’m so proud of all my babies. Kharisma, Erykah, Kurtis and De’Mantai…

And while I am waiting for grand babies, I know I might only be blessed with his choice again…

I’m ready!

I also understand ‘Tai may be our only..

My blood will still survive me.