Study reveals brain mechanism behind chronic pain’s sapping of motivation | News Center | Stanford Medicine

Study reveals brain mechanism behind chronic pain’s sapping of motivation | News Center | Stanford Medicine.

Moreover, the difference didn’t disappear even when the scientists relieved the mice’s pain with analgesics. “They were in demonstrably less pain, but they were still less willing to work,” Malenka said.”


In my own opinion I have often wondered if when chronic constant nagging moment by moment pain is finally relieved if somewhere, somehow a “Learned Behavior” evolves quickly.

I offer an example from a personal perspective only. There have been a couple of times out of the dozen + Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve (Pain) Blocks that I have had that my pain decreased to the point that I rested my body on the sofa, elevated my legs, turned off social media other than an update, watched movies and did little else other than take myself to the restroom as needed. The fire that inflamed my right flesh decreased, regardless if it had remained above, swelling decreased drastically from a huge calf to a notable atrophied one. Yet I lay there.


I am absolutely aware that I may receive contradicting comments. That is okay! I am curious! I am an avid information seeker. Valid information. This is only a thought! And I am using myself instead of others who I have witnessed mirror the same amount of time. A day to 3 post block and others who continued to lounge for weeks. Regardless of whether or not the block actually helped. I am not including down time due to complications as in all of mine I have not experienced side affects other than upper groin discomfort which subsided after a day. That discomfort did however alter the ability to stand for a few hours after the procedure.

Can Chronic Pain become a Learned Behavior? I tend to believe it can after habits are formed. Chronic pain can become a habit. It is constant after all.

Your thoughts are welcome! ~T


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