Today’s my husband’s 51st birthday. Tomorrow is our sons concert set. Unfortunately, I’m too unwell right now. I won’t be able to go tomorrow. Last time I ended up sitting on the venue floor, but at least I was there. My husband will be there for Ozra for both of us and if he remembers record it for me. Ozra’s performing all new songs.

I take a step with my right foot/leg my spine seizes and feels like my left arm is being torn from my collarbone and neck. I’m not sure which of my ailments is the cause. This has happened before in my right arm and lasted over a year. I lost part feeling on that side in 3 fingers, part hand, wrist, up to elbow as a result. 2 fingers of left hand, part hand and wrist over 6 months ago.
I middle finger pick my phone or Kindle to type. Takes a long time yet it’s possible. Not easy cooking, prepping food, yet I still manage, mostly.

Went to bed early last night in order to be able to make my husbands dinner today. Not happening. I’m bummed out over it. Can barely move without severity. Painful to lift my head too.

Plan is to soak in an Epsons bath soon and wish for the best. Find a movie for us to watch and order a little pizza for his day. 

We’re alive and we’re together and that’s what matters the most.

Celebrating life.

2 thoughts on “51

  1. sorry you didn’t get to celebrate the way you want to. I hear you about things popping out and then causing pain and you don’t know what is causing it. going through that with my knee on CRPS side. Hope you have less pain tomorrow. hugs


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