Pieces and parts of lines running out of time for rhymes. 

Was in bed by 6:30 p.m. last evening. Woke near 11:00 p.m and watched a movie with my husband. We had our cheat treat pizza earlier. 

A good friend who I love dearly messaged me after midnight. Suicidal ideations from intense chronic pain. She doesn’t know how to continue living this way. How would I encourage her. I’ve been there too many times myself. 

I certainly wasn’t going to shame her or make her feel worse. Can’t really tell people in this state of mind to stay, nor can we somehow insinuate it’s the wrong thing to do or think of. It’s not wrong to not know how to live in pain. Physical, emotional or both. 

All I could tell her was I don’t know how we live, survive either, but we have to keep trying. Just try.

Ironic that I was feeling and thinking the same way yesterday. Not suicidal but the thoughts kept replaying, how would I too make it into the future. 

I do what I told her, just try. 

Encourage without stigma.

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