Precious Gifts

On Christmas eve husband and son went to the farewell Raiders game in Oakland. I wouldn’t make that. I’ve been in a flare. Instead, I got our daughter Rikki who came from Texas for me. Spent the night with her. Husband met up with us on Christmas day and we watched the movie Christmas Chronicles together. 

When I found out our daughter was in San Francisco I panicked. At that point I hadn’t had a bath in nearly a week. 
It’s just a winter rumble I’ve been telling myself. Come summer you’ll be fine enough again. Summer is when I bust my butt doing water PT, stretching, movements that are more difficult without weightless benefit. 

Trading a bath in order to make our food is what I’ve needed to do. Eating out or buying fast frozen foods is a rare option for us. That crap will disease us too. 

My husband gifted me a diffuser and essential oils. I love it. 

The gifts I’m interested in are always in the form of possible pain or symptoms relief. I’m fond of aroma therapy anyway.

My Rikki gave me a dozen CBD/THC cannabis capsules. Helpful for spasms and similar to a muscle relaxant for me. 

Made a little ham yesterday. Now I can rest the weekend with food ready. 

When I thought I’d be alone Christmas eve, my plan was to turn Facebook back on for a bit to be with family even at a distance. I haven’t done that yet. Tomorrow will be 6 weeks off it. Maybe New Years. 

Erik and Ozra had an amazing time at the game and I had an incredible time with Rikki. 

New memories and precious gifts.

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