I’ve been meaning to do an MLT update. I used to be an average 7-9 on the pain scale using various prescription medications. Since MLT treatments and my post protocols, home PT, I’m a 6-8 with fewer flares. I’ve only reached a 9 a dozen times maybe. The 10’s haven’t returned. 
Depression is stable, suicidal ideations are minimal, suicidal thoughts are nil. Mobility is limited, yet my years of discoloration, massive swelling and lack of blood flow is decent. Atrophy is better. Stretching I learned from the Gohl Method (MLT) continues to help keep my tissue, fascia, and muscles from binding. 

I do struggle with controlling anxieties. Random panic attacks that don’t always accompany a trigger.

Even on my bad days I sweet talk myself and sugar coat my issues to make it through. It doesn’t always work as much as I wish it to yet negative self talk doesn’t help either. Pain is in my body and mind. It can’t have my spirit too. It’s a continuous process. My spinal cord stimulator helps disguise those pain signals, I have to disguise my emotions. After MLT, I was able to keep my SCS off for several months. Haven’t been able to accomplish that again since the summer of 2017. 

People lose their minds from pain everyday even with medications. I’m trying to keep mine without them.

Spent the day with my daughter Rikki yesterday. Hours in text messaging.where she helped me Christmas and birthday shop. Next weekend is my husband’s birthday. I sent her Amazon links to order for me. Maintaining pain levels is hard enough, even online shopping is a chore for me.. Grateful for her time, energy and assistance.

My Workers Comp care is still up in the air. Nothing since February of 2016. I found a doctor and was able to see him once. Further care was denied. I have lifetime medical for the January 2001 injury that led to CRPS. No medical at all though. It’s not so much that I think I’m entitled to care, I can’t even get other care because of it. My CRPS and SCS progress, progression, ability, instabilities and setbacks should at least be being documented. 

My husband headed to work about an hour ago from his weekend off.  

I just took a Naproxen and a dose of Monkey Mix Kratom. I ordered Burdock Root with my shopping orders yesterday. 

This will be the first time using it. It should arrive in a couple of days. 

Happy Monday.

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