He has the games on, I have the Turkey in. The only thing I know about Football is when he tells me it’s either time to woot and clap or yell foul obscenities. True story. 

I’m thinking about something else that’s confusing and which no doctor can answer. My husband has never had high blood pressure. Not even through any of the heart problems yet he’s been diagnosed with hypertension and takes Lisinopril and another combination medication for high blood pressure too. His BP is often 100 – 110/, which we’ve been told is optimal. So my wonder is, is it for maintenance and prevention of simply because having high blood pressure is a risk or is it just part of an automatic regimen.

I can’t figure it out. Too low can be dangerous too. 

Well it’s a good day. I hope yours is too. 

If you enjoy Football 🏈 try not to let it raise your anxiety. 🙂 

4 thoughts on “Lisinopril

  1. I take 2 blood pressure medicines. I was diagnosed for the 1st pill in 2008 when I was in the hospital for psych reasons. My BP was so high they refused to discharge me until it went down as they feared I would stroke out. It was stabled until 2014. My systolic was high but diastolic was normal. Bottom number was concerning so the second BP med was added. I hated it because I had to take it twice a day. Now I am running on the low side so am wondering if I need both. Once my current medical mystery is cleared up, I will ask.


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