Make Better A Priority

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Ozra Ft. Nenaa Better Half, California Dreamin’ +

On October 14, 2018, a Pain care advocate since his youth debut as a performer in Sacramento California.

He also was ESAD Emergency State Active Duty for several California Fires

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For me, the days after is better than the day of. Today is Turkey Avacado Subs. Bacon on it would have been amazing, yet that’ll be left to our imaginations. Bacon and high fat foods are no no’s for us. Many of the diets people use for weightloss such as Atkins and Keto also increase heart disease, and of course cholesteral. 

Many years ago, my husband and I both did Atkins, we both lost an incredible amount of weight. As I reflect back the only good part of the program was the induction phase, and removal of sugar. 
Glad we stopped that. No telling extra damage. I’m adverse at times. I create solutions also. I don’t rely on anyone else.

Fat will kill us, whether we’re putting it in our bodies, or are carrying it on our bodies.

Food itself isn’t even clean anymore. Everything contains high amounts of fats, and sugars, preservatives. Canned foods are preserved with detrimental amounts of elements, especially when consumed daily, weekly. Fast food is artery clogging. 

It hasn’t been easy per se to cook decent food, yet it’s been my mission to do my best for us. 

Turkey is an approved food for heart disease and diabetes especially when there’s little to no risk for Salmonella or contamination. There’s always a risk though. Scary.

Sadly, we all risk our lives just to eat in order to sustain life. 

Cooking off the carcus tomorrow, Turkey Soup.