Just a couple of years ago, I was on higher Lipitor than my husband. I was on higher Lisinopril with Hydralazine back up for BP 180 +. 

If you can’t tell why that’s so high? If all you can do is tell me I’m headed for heart attack, mostly Stroke, and then give me those meds? Bye bye bitch. Offensive? Pre diabetic too. Wtfe. 

I don’t take that shit either. Jajaja. 

When pain care was halted? I halted preventative maintenance? 

Understand? Cover your ass,

While I cover mine.

Rainy Day

First rain for us here in Sacramento. Hope it’s reaching Paradise and each of the California fires. Our air quality has been at dangerous levels. Imagining those in it is heart breaking. Family lost their homes and friends of family lost theirs too. 

Plans for this weekend and the upcoming week is getting 3 topics ready to share. MLT, Kratom, and Kurtis Ozra Music. 

MLT is a treatment I attended that changed my life during detrimental times that includes a post protocol I was taught based on my own issues. Kratom is an alternative to maintaining pain reduction and Ozra’s Music is our sons lyrical and performance endeavors. 

Spoke to our daughter Rikki for some time today. Plan to FaceTime with her tomorrow. 

My husbands blood work has come back. Most is fairly good, considering. Upping his Lipitor. 2 other medications have already been increased. Results from his ECHO from the 18th will be learned next week. 

As far as myself, I’m well enough. Turkey dinner is still on. 

There’s always something to be thankful for.