Can’t Wait for this Weekend

I use to have our Grandson often beginning upon his birth. He’s 11 now. This year I haven’t seen him as much since his mom lives farther away. Original plans were to pick him up Saturday morning and take him to the swap meet auction with us and drop him back home after. I called him back having already prepared before doing so to ask him what I knew he’d be happy for. I asked him if he’d like to spend the night too and go to Church with us the next morning as well before his Papi drops him home before work,

Spongebob FunI asked him to bring his hoodie and if he was ready to camp. He said yes Nana. I said do you understand what that means?, He said yes Nana. We’re going to snuggle up and drink hot chocolate and camp out. While this won’t be in a tent outside it will be a little similar.

I’ve been working this morning to get it ready for us. While I’m not certain yet, I may even simulate a camp fire with firewood in the smaller BBQ in order to toast marshmallows and sit around a fire for a few.

I can’t wait to share our fun and make new memories.


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