Detox Teas

Lipton Detox Tea can be found in the coffee and tea section of most grocery stores. I’ve used this brand. My favorite though is purchased from our local Asian Market. The brand is Triple Leaf teas.

Lipton Detox

While these teas are often associated with detoxing the liver, my Asian type also cleanses and supports the kidney’s, lungs, and blood. Toxins reside within our bodies from a number of things. Medications prescribed or OTC, foods, even in the air that we breathe.

Both brands cost approximately $5.00 for 20 tea bags. I’m still learning the use of dried herbs and flowers, and I like to dabble in those which relieve pain or inflammation.

I steeped in freshly shaved Turmeric root as well.  I drink it both hot and iced. I don’t add sugar. Sometimes I dash it with lemon.

The following link is the Triple Leaf brand since I wasn’t able to get just a photo in to share.

Please consult with your physician or pharmacist if you’re taking medications that herbal supplements can be adverse to.

Happy cleansing!