Bakken Invitation – Live On. Give On. | Medtronic | Applications now open for the 2016 Bakken Invitation Award. What are you doing with your “extra life”? 

Love you 2014 x

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR EXTRA LIFE?”Inspired by the question asked by Medtronic co-founder and philanthropist Earl Bakken, the Bakken Invitation celebrates and connects people who, with the help of medical technology, have overcome health challenges and are now making a difference in their communities.WE’RE NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2016 BAKKEN INVITATION AWARD.The Bakken Invitation Award recognizes people who have used their “extra life” made possible by medical technology to make outstanding contributions of service, volunteerism and leadership. Each year, ten Bakken Invitation Award honorees will earn a $20,000 grant from the Medtronic Foundation to direct to a charity of their choice, and a trip to Hawaii for a celebration event to meet Medtronic co-founder Earl Bakken. All applicants with eligible medical technology are welcome to apply, regardless of device manufacturer.

(you can apply via button on page or at: 2015 . You can also watch and apply at: Share Your Story for a chance at being a 2016 Bakken Invitation Award Recipient what others have used their “extra lives” with medical technology. Meet the 2015 Bakken Invitation Honorees from 11 Countries, and check out 2014 and 2013 Honoree’s too.)

“Earl acknowledges that his pacemaker, insulin pump and heart stents have given him “extra life”—time he uses to support causes he cares about. And while each person chooses how to use their extra time, it is Earl’s enduring hope they consider how to give back, in big or small ways.

Empowering patients to better manage their health is a key element in the Medtronic Foundation’s approach to expanding healthcare access to the underserved. By sharing and celebrating stories of patients from all over the world, the Bakken Invitation is designed to not only provide valuable information and inspiration to others, but to foster a global movement of people who “Live On. Give On.”

Source: Bakken Invitation – Live On. Give On. | Medtronic

As a 2015 Bakken Invitation Honoree from Sacramento CA and with just one other U.S state qualifying this year…   I wish you the best.


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