Death: Overdose or Suicide?

Dont Say...If I had anything worth betting, I’d bet that many of the documented opioid related overdose deaths were suicides.

How dare I say such a thing? Because in either circumstance the people who should have known better, didn’t. Why didn’t they know? Because they didn’t want to.

No one wants to acknowledge that their child, spouse, parent or partner has a drug problem or is at risk for misuse or abuse and no one wants to believe that even those who appear the strongest, laughing, joking, caregiving, keeping it together for you, would ever take their own lives.

A person seeks medical care to gain something; pain management, acute or chronic, or to manipulate for medications they don’t actually need, but want.

Some people fall through the cracks of not only the medical communities, unintended consequences, access to care, emergency services, but families, too.

I’ll leave this post short and simple.

Ponder that!

2 thoughts on “Death: Overdose or Suicide?

  1. The person who wrote why they think people commit suicide should be ashamed! Evidently you have never had a pain in your life, let alone agony and on going 24/7 with chronic non-stop distress! Agonizing pain and not able to get medication for good treatment is what throws people over the wall!!!! I know, I sit here now in agony trying to write this note to someone who is clearly ignorant of the real reasons behind suicide!!! I pray you never have to live like people like myself, Keep your ignorant comments to yourself! Its evident you know nothing about what you are trying to talk about ! To bad “real pain” can’t hit and teach you a much needed lesson!!!


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