By Twinkle Wood-VanFleet

For my husband Erik VanFleet


If 17 could last forever, my flight just left the ground-


Heading for my home town, young and summer bound.


If 17 might last forever, oh yes! That’s where I’d be-


Ssh! Can you feel that moment, the first time you laid eyes on me.


Listen! Can you hear the music? Would you have looked my way again?


Would the song still be playing, or ending just as friends?


If 17 could last forever, still at the river, in the sand?


Or strolling through Old Sac, while walking hand in hand.


Hey! Can you feel the summer time heat? June through hot August nights-


Our first night at Garcia’s Bends, together beneath the moonlight.


Oh! Can you feel that memory, as you first took me in your arms?


If that summer had just begun, would you still shower me with charms?


If 17 would last forever, could you have loved me in the end?


I just close my eyes and remember, I’m still 17 again.

17 - Twinkle V.

17 – Twinkle V.

©2001-2015 Twinkle Wood-VanFleet/Golden Rainbow Poetry/All Rights Reserved.

For viewing purposes only. May not be copied, reproduced or altered in any way without permission. Published at several poetry sites throughout the years. Originally published by Golden Rainbow Poetry licensed as a small business in the City of West Sacramento 1995. OL- 1997. Written in the 1990’S.

Copyright Laws and Regulations of the United States http://www.copyright.gov/title17/

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