by Twinkle VanFleet

She doesn’t mind taking the fall for you,
Just let her know what she’s taking it for,
So that when she’s confronted,
The blanket protects you more.


She doesn’t mind catching the shame,
To save your lovely face,
Just don’t let it come to her from the flip side,
Where she has no saving grace.


All it takes is one betrayal, my friends,
To remind us why we guard our heart
One deception, cost 10 loyalties
Be mindful in the choices that alter the dynamic art.


Be conscious that when it changes,
It’s never the same again,
Be cautious of the slips,
That penetrate like acid rain.


But know through each forgiveness,
Comes a new sense of owing,
Everything has a season,
Human nature keeps growing.


She knew from the beginning,
It would be part of the path,
To become wedged in circumstance,
And reap another’s wrath.


She knows there’s a bigger plan,
That sometimes ends in backfire,
Dangling between wonder and misconception,
So that you might acquire.


As we each make it through the storms of battle
She hopes there’s still some splendor,
In the fire once glowing splendiferously,
Which dimmed to a smoldering ember.

©2015 Twinkle Wood-VanFleet  All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Laws and Regulations of the United States



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