Pain Awareness Month 2015 – Mid Month Review with Feature 7- The ACPA- History of Pain Awareness Month

I wish I could share the goodness of the world with everyone. The people I’ve shared have been people who are making an impact in the lives of others despite their own complications. Illness, disability, pain, yet hope enough in their passion’s to keep going… for you.

Some of them I barely know in the sense of talking with them. A few of them, I’ve had less than an hour or so of combined time in conversation exchange. Having the gift of knowing and the ability to feel at higher levels than most, I was compelled to ask these people if I could share them, honor them, and feature them this month. Each one of them, by their own energy, gave me a piece of them, the part that let me show you who they are in spirit. It was by a glimpse of their own souls experiences that led me to reach out to them.


Pain Awareness Month 2015 – Feature 1 – The Faces and Limbs of Pain

Pain Awareness Month 2015 – Feature 2 – Trudy Thomas, Living with HOPE Radio Show

Pain Awareness Month 2015 – Feature 3 – Shane Schulz, Arisen Strength

Pain Awareness Month 2015 – Feature 4 – Power of Pain Foundation

Pain Awareness Month 2015 – Feature 5 – Sheila Purcell – United Kentucky Pain Care Action Network

Pain Awareness Month 2015 – Feature 6 – Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (EHE)

Pain Awareness Month 2015 – Feature 7 – American Chronic Pain Association

Have you ever wondered about the history of pain awareness month? The American Chronic Pain Association and Partners for Understanding Pain is your last feature share for September.

September is Pain Awareness Month

Below you will find the history of pain awareness month in a timeline PDF document. Beginning in 2001 with a pain awareness campaign. Did you know? Please consider sharing so that others might learn also. Be sure to share in the documents original form.

Pain Awareness Month History

For more information

The American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA)

The American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA)
Partners for Understanding Pain

Pain Awareness Toolkits

You can also find the American Chronic Pain Association on:




The information provided is for pain awareness and educational purposes only. All rights reserved to The American Chronic Pain Association for their content.

I hope that I’ve proffered enough of myself this year for you and I wish you all the very best in your journeys to continue to make a difference in the lives of others. I pray each of you get all that you need in this life and give back all that you’re able to.


I wish you all well,

And enough.

~Twinkle V.

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Pain Awareness Month 2015 – Feature 5 – Sheila Purcell – United Kentucky Pain Care Action Network

Sheila Purcell


Sheila Purcell isn’t your average pain patient. She’s actively involved in reforming laws and regulations that directly impact’s the quality of life of those suffering from chronic, long term, intractable pain. Sheila endures pain everyday herself, the life threatening seizures leave her worn, yet she’s a fighter, a strong one.

As an advocate and spokesperson supporting medication management options, including opioid analgesics, she stresses how important that it is that these prescription pain relievers should not be withheld as an initial treatment plan or be removed from the course of treatment for patients who are already using them.

Sheila recognizes that controlled substances are needed to treat certain conditions and that removing them as options for treatment causes hardships that are sometimes irreversible. She’s dealt with denials, delays and dismissal’s herself and knows first hand the demise of quality of life. There is more risk in under treated pain and the direct or unintended consequences than there is in the stable regimen of prescribed pain management.



Sheila was featured on The Pain Nation show with Ken McKim – Episode 1



She’s the Founder of the United Kentucky Pain Care Action Network (UKPCAN) (Closed Group)

United Pain Care Action Network of Kentucky and Tennessee (Community)

The mission:

“Kentucky Pain Care Action Network” is a network of people living with Chronic Intractable Pain, their caregivers and others who share the belief that people suffering with Chronic Pain, Cancer, Mental Illness or any other disease have the right to timely, appropriate and effective Pain Care Management and Medical Treatment.

“Kentucky has a major problem that needs to be addressed and we want to help change the negative stigma around to positive for those in pain.”

We educate people and teach them that suffering from pain is not acceptable!

We do this though active advocacy, education, letter writing campaigns to State and Local Representatives and Senators. E-mails, faxes, telephone calls to our elected officials. We comment on “our” elected officials Facebook pages, we write letters to the Editor of our newspapers, we comment on articles posted in the group. We take action and by doing so, we make our efforts known.

Therefore it is very important that each group member take an active role in these actions. It only takes a few minutes a day to make a comment or write a letter. Many members set aside 30 minutes of one day to do this. WE MUST DO THIS TO MAKE OUR CAUSE KNOWN!

We are a Open Group. All info in this group is private and CANNOT be used for any purpose other than what each member give’s permission for us to use it for. This includes your Name, City, and County in which you live Medical Conditions, and any treatments you are receiving or have received.

The more people that are involved the quicker we can make progress on bringing it to the attention of Kentucky’s law makers and make them understand that HB- 1 & HB- 217 needs to be re- written to protect the THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE SUFFERING as a result of these bills

They also need to be aware that this has hurt “TOURISM” and will continue to do so as NO one wants to vacation in a state were Medical Care is NOT something they would receive if they or a family member becomes ill or has an accident of any kind requiring, surgery or pain care.

Let’s get busy fellow Kentuckians and show the lawmakers we will not rest until HB-1 and HB-217 are repealed!

“Kentucky Pain Care Action Network”


Opposition to Kentucky HB 1-Reform HB 217 aka “Pill Mill Bill”

Opposition to Kentucky HB 1-Reform HB 217 aka “Pill Mill Bill” (Community)

Chronic pain patients that are trying to get Pill Mill Bill’s reformed ln EVERY STATE not just Kentucky! Please join the fight and cause. Thank you!

This page is dedicated to raising awareness for chronic pain patients, children with attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), Cancer patients, HIV/AIDS patients, patients suffering from certain mental disorders, patients requiring Testosterone, and their families affected by the changing environment of the medical community whereby those in need of controlled substances are refused treatment or made to endure many hardships, unnecessary for their care, as a direct result of laws enacted by the state of Kentucky.

Through any peaceful means necessary, we seek to contact State and Community leaders, The American Medical Association, Pharmaceutical Vendors, the DEA, the FDA and local/national media sources.


Mission and information statements by Sheila Purcell.


Sheila is a Delegate for the Power of Pain Foundation, active in various groups and organizations throughout the States, and she continues to work on much-needed change for the thousands of people suffering from pain and the inadequate treatments they are receiving.

If you need a voice for Kentucky and Tennessee pain care rights, Sheila isn’t shy. Her vast knowledge is your benefit. Her leadership is your tool.  The information she provides is your education. Her strength is your willingness to take part in your own health challenges and I hope all of you get the proper and timely care you need to survive.


Sheila can be contacted at: