I’ve barely used a laptop or computer in years. I have a WiFi only connect laptop but it doesn’t want to actually run on our WiFi. We use a pay as you go plan. No complaints since it is access to the internet. It’s not the highest speed available though. The best part is there’s no getting behind on a bill.


I’ve used Windows 10 before yet I can barely recall how to navigate it. I’ll consider this a learning experience. This is a practice blog as well. My recent blogs have been written via a cell phone. Prior to those I hadn’t blogged in over a year.

Here’s something funny. My husband turned this on for me last evening. It would be the first time I’d use it. My son handed it down to me restored. I came over and sat down. I was seriously so confused. There’s 2 icons on the desktop. I glanced at the screen and didn’t know how to start doing anything. I said to him, “where do I get the apps at?” He said, “what apps?” I just wanted to know where I go to get to Facebook, Twitter, here to WordPress. etc . ~laughs.

And then it donned on me to open the browser and go directly to the sites to log in. Ugh at that brain fart.

I’ve been finger picking the cell phone for so long now it’s odd to try to type. I only have partial use of my right hand. wrist and forearm. When using the cell phone I scroll pages and react with my left hand. When using my right hand I use my middle finger. I can feel that one well enough/ It’s my thumb and forefinger that’s the numbest from nerve damage.

I’ve gone from typing up to 80 words a minute with 98 percent accuracy to 10-20 words a minute with less than 50 percent accuracy. Even now as I write this my fingers are bouncing on the keys and the letters keep skipping. I’m excited to be able to try this way again.

WordPress has updated since I last used it on a laptop. It’s much different than the phone app. I’m sure you all already know that. It’ll take practice too. I’m behind a few years in this updated technology.

Facebook is entirely different since the last time I accessed it on anything other than a phone. Ouch! More to learn.

All this will probably take me a year and that’s okay. I’ll squeeze in what I can, when I can. My number 1 priority everyday is making our dinner. It’s wearing but I enjoy it. Dinner has already been started this morning. Crock-pot!

A cup of Matcha to start my day.

Happy Thursday!

Traveling in a Storm

Wow! It’s pretty crazy outside. Flooding expected in several areas.

Evacuations begin as Northern California storm moves in

My you know is on fire and some of its corresponding parts. Not that one, the other one. lol

I’ve only slept a few hours off and on. I suppose I can be a zombie. Zombie’s aren’t that bad. Mostly only when they bite! 😛

Will be at the airport around noontime. I really have no idea about checking in, boarding, etc. Have always had someone with me for all that. I know what I’m suppose to do and that’s about it. Hm, well if I can’t figure something out, I’ll just flash a smile at someone and get a wee flirt on so that I can get the answers I need to find out what to do next. Ha!


I hope my flight isn’t delayed as a result this storm. I’m taking a jump charger in case I drain my Kindle reading or clicking a game.

I’ll be missing our grandson’s first band recital on Wednesday, but I didn’t know until night before last it was even coming up. Glad they’ll be video taping it for me.

My reduction of Cymbalta is going well. Though I still have the 0 to get to. 3o mgs currently. Still thinking about whether I’ll do that 0 while away or wait until I get back home. Valerian is still helping.

I have my phone set to several alarms in case I doze from sleep disorders. I’m not taking my ASV machine or my SCS charger. I still haven’t turned that back on since October 24th I think it was.

Love my hair cut. It’s weird not being down my back though. Feels like something is missing. Oh wait! There is. 🙂 It was nice that I didn’t strangle myself with it in my sleep. It would get caught in car doors, under my arms, around my neck, in hands. The man can’t get a real good ravel on anymore, but there’s still enough for a good tug. ~laughs

I’ll give our lady who cut it a shout out next time. It’s her shop here in South Sacramento.

I’m most likely going get fondled going through security. I always do.That box in my butt cheek, those leads and all those electrodes in my body and all. Not using any assistive devices. I really need to do this on my own. Worse scenario is I don’t get up tomorrow because I played myself. 😀

Doubt I’ll get much blogging done in the next couple of weeks. Finger picking or using a stylus on my Kindle would take forever. I might put Periscope back on my phone and share a little of my new adventure. I’m not sure yet since I’d have to re-get the app for that.

I told my dog Independence I was leaving. He’s sort of pissed and won’t talk to me now. ~rme’s

It’s fun having fun. I kinda crack myself up.

I should have slept another hour or so and it’s time to get up now. oopsie doodle.

First stop Las Vegas

and then…


Learning and Healing

At this time day after tomorrow I’ll have already changed flights to be on my way to my destination. I’m excited to learn and heal even more. This will be the first time since I was 17 that I’ve flown alone. I’ve been on flights since but never without my husband or children. The last Amtrak I was on derailed outside of Fresno California on the way to Corcoran. Initially that trip would have only been Ozra and I. Husband and Kharisma came at the last minute, Rikki was already in Corcoran with my mom and dad. We only sustained cuts and bruises. I can still remember grabbing for my baby as he tumbled and pushing Kharisma into my husband so he could hold onto her. I was the one injured the most but that was a result of my own actions to be sure the 3 of them would be okay. I never feared pain back then. Perhaps because it was acute pain or injury. I think that was mid 1997. My mom and dad were married in 1998 and this was before that. Ozra and I had taken the train several times from Sacramento to Corcoran. I haven’t been on a train since and within 3 years we’d lose our home and everything we worked for in the prior years to a fire, I’d be injured at work and not give birth to our last child due my own body during physical rehab and the medical mistakes and manipulation that followed.

I’m not afraid to fly. I love flying. ~laughs

Ironically the day I leave California, January 8th (2002) is the anniversary of that loss nearly 12 months after that injury that led to CRPS. Maybe I can finally let it go. Maybe.

I didn’t realize until later what the manipulation was all about and that’s why it’s stayed with me. And that’s why I always believed even when my faith was dangling that I wouldn’t hurt hard forever but I’d have to suffer to get there.

I want to help people feel better and find joy and laughter again. I want to be apart of showing others that there is an option for pain relief in MLT and the Gohl Program and I want to be apart of it in person, not solely online. I don’t want to live online. The internet does give a modicum of life back to people who are otherwise unable to have one. I know because I’ve been one of them. The internet also removes in person interaction and that’s why so many of us become isolated and develop social anxiety disorders. I still can’t drive but there may even be possibility in that again.

I have a lot of work to do to reverse 16 years of physical and emotional deterioration. I also know hard isn’t over yet, but it’s the beginning of living something I really don’t know to feel without pain. I’ve used pain as pain relief, a distraction. Pain diverts pain after all.

Looking forward


Image Source: PJ McClure