Look At Us Now


By Twinkle VanFleet

E and T October 26, 2013

Him and I, October 26, 2013.


To love is without judgement; you know this must be true-


No man can put asunder, forever- only you.


Only rarely did we struggle- until suddenly came at once,


But even after the fall, our love outlasted the punch.


You never had to prove to me- you always tried your best,


Your determination would bring us up- but no one would have guessed.


Tremendous is my faith in you- I’ve never been unsure,


I’ve never doubted your abilities, because i knew who you were.


Endlessly praying for your spirit-during the cold hard run,


Prayers would soon be answered, the challenges overcome.


Acknowledging determined ambitions- that were virtually always missed,


Accomplishments defended with pride- that some said couldn’t exist.


Content in regards to our future, my love for you- never in doubt,


Lips once quivering babbled words- will dwell in endless pout.


True love will never make judgements, trust and faith in the solemn vow-


Baby, did you know we would reach it- Te Amo, look at us now.


©1999-2015  Twinkle Wood-VanFleet/Golden Rainbow Poetry/All rights reserved.

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The Daniel C. Palamidessi Bridge (A Friend) West Sacramento CA with husband and oldest daughter Kharisma. 2006.

Refer to Answered Prayer (as aftermath)

To date 29 years strong.

Written 15+ years ago.

Look At Us Now was featured at the 2014 Power of Pain Foundation National P.A.I.N. Summit.



I ask of you, just one favor-

Let no one be your judge,

Or take advantage of your kindness-

Leaving you to hold a grudge.

Let no one steal from you your helpfulness-

Or rob you of your soft heart,

Or use you “til you’re bitter-

Or push you to fall apart.

Your gifts you’ve shared so freely-

Asking nothing in return,

Only hoping for that trust-

you so dearly do deserve.

Many will take for granted-

That “friend” they have to turn to,

Only once did I know an angel-

Sulteza, “It was you!”

©1999-2001-2015 Twinkle Wood-VanFleet/Golden Rainbow Poetry/All rights reserved.


Annie Marie and Twinkle Marie August 15, 2015

August 15, 2015

When you look to yesterday-

I hope that you have,

You’ll remember the loyalty-

What I shared back.

Especially that first time-

And without question,

You had only one place to turn-

So it was without mention.

Always be happy-

keep laughing like we did,

I hope you’ve looked over your shoulder-

To see all that we’d give.

Separately, yet together-

As we moved on to live,

We’d always find our way back-

Just like when we were kids.

©2015 Twinkle VanFleet All rights reserved.

Copyright Laws and Regulations of the United States http://www.copyright.gov/title17/