I ask of you, just one favor-

Let no one be your judge,

Or take advantage of your kindness-

Leaving you to hold a grudge.

Let no one steal from you your helpfulness-

Or rob you of your soft heart,

Or use you “til you’re bitter-

Or push you to fall apart.

Your gifts you’ve shared so freely-

Asking nothing in return,

Only hoping for that trust-

you so dearly do deserve.

Many will take for granted-

That “friend” they have to turn to,

Only once did I know an angel-

Sulteza, “It was you!”

©1999-2001-2015 Twinkle Wood-VanFleet/Golden Rainbow Poetry/All rights reserved.


Annie Marie and Twinkle Marie August 15, 2015

August 15, 2015

When you look to yesterday-

I hope that you have,

You’ll remember the loyalty-

What I shared back.

Especially that first time-

And without question,

You had only one place to turn-

So it was without mention.

Always be happy-

keep laughing like we did,

I hope you’ve looked over your shoulder-

To see all that we’d give.

Separately, yet together-

As we moved on to live,

We’d always find our way back-

Just like when we were kids.

©2015 Twinkle VanFleet All rights reserved.

Copyright Laws and Regulations of the United States



2 thoughts on “Sulteza

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem you wrote for your friend Sulteza. How lucky you are to have a honest, close, loyal, and sincere friendship with Sulteza. Not many of us can say we are fortunate to have friendships like this.

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  2. Doors begin to close, some of us hide behind them and barely look out again, some of us slip through the opening from time to time, but because it was never fully closed at all others can come through. Sometimes when we least expect it. Because of that I was duly and dually blessed.

    Thank you Jodi.


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