October was heavy, November ends. In the 10th month my cousin died of a painful blood disorder, my nephew was killed in a car accident, Dr. Earl Bakken passed away, my 50th birthday came and vanished, we attended my nephews funeral the following morning and that same evening my husband of 32 years had his 4th heart attack. Could there be more? There was.

My husband had just become a permanent employee at the company he temped for the previous 5 months on October 1st. His heart attack was the 27th, his company health insurance didn’t take effect until November  2nd. 
We applied for a one time pharmacy assistance program that allowed us to leave the hospital with all 10 of his medications. S thankful. As far as the hospital bill itself, I’m not sure yet if we also qualified for the hospital assistance program.

He was able to return to work a week later. 

We received the results of his follow up Echocardiogram. He also has heart failure in addition to the diabetes and years of coronary heart disease. He was diagnosed with the heart disease and diabetes during his first heart attack at 37 years old. Diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome 3 or so years ago among others.

Upper his meds to try to strengthen his heart. Really all they can do. 

December will be a year since I cracked the back of my ankle on my CRPS foot. That set my own progress back, yet I continue to move forward in my perception of pain, how I perceive it or even talk about it. I quit using my breathing machine nearly a year ago. Trying to do all I can for myself naturally still since I’m not in the care of any physician. I take so many suppliments daily. Burdock root is next on my list. 

It’s been raining for days. Love the rain, I find it cleansing yet I already look forward to spring and summer so that I can use my little pool again for physical therapy. 

2 weeks off Facebook tonight. 🙂

Happy Friday!

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