Chicken Veggie Soup.

Todays Menu.

There’s many variations to my soups, as I’m sure there are for many of you. This one is simple.
1/2 chicken breast. Lightly seared (in water) on all sides. Boil remainder in 1 half cube of chicken boulon, ( I do 15 minutes, medium high heat) Mrs. Dash table variety, 1 teaspoon. 0.5 teaspoon of Mrs. Dash chicken seasoning. Garlic powder, fresh garlic, 1 whole yellow onion. Oregano, cilantro and parsley to taste. Remove chicken, shred or dice. 

Broccoli and green beans.

Spinach pasta. Break 2 inches apart. Cook together with the above. Approximately 12-14 minutes for pasta to be ready..

While sodium exists in the boulon, I used half. More chicken is appropriate for most. 1/2 breast was to minimize meat content, yet provide protein and flavor.

Heart and diabetes healthy. 

No other salt was added. No sugar. 


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