Good energy and negative energy. Good vibes and bad ones. My husbands cardiologist asked us if we knew he had heart failure, too. No, we didn’t. It was in his electronic medical records. This is why the Echocardiogram was repeated as a baseline of comparison to his older one.

He had applied for Disability several times and was denied. That was an energy vampire. After his last denial he had no choice but to return to work. Our home was in foreclosure, liens placed by the utility company. Massive hardship. He’s been back 15 months now. I’m not sure how the HF was missed by previous doctors or SSDI. Could have made a difference in qualifying.
Could have also made a difference in others perception of him. It was assumed he could do whatever someone needed or wanted of him. Like many of us it took on a glimpse of laziness. 

Good vibes, good energy is that by working he’s getting daily cardio instead of what became primarily a sedentary lifestyle. He’s lost 50 pounds this year. 

He’s on Coreg now. Fairly high doses. 1 of several medications again. Last year he was without health insurance and the Obama care wasn’t at all affordable at the California minimum wage.

Stuck. No care, no medication management. He needed the blood thinner the most.

My wish now is that there’s still time to strengthen his heart. 

He runs a forklift now and drives a bobtail truck to Folsom and Stockton for company deliveries and pick ups in addition to other work. Fast paced. Am proud of him. 

Can’t believe it’s December already. He’ll be 51 in 12 days. Neither of us celebrated our 50th though there’s much celebration in just being alive. 

As for myself, I found my missing MP3 player. He bought It for me about 8 years ago and it’s been missing for 3. It has my meditation and relaxation programs on it. Progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, guided imagery and more. Yay. The music is a plus.

I may smudge our home with white wage today. If not, tomorrow.

Remove negative and painful energies in myself and my surroundings. It’s amazing aroma therapy, too. 

Happy Monday!

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