Pre Thanksgiving

Getting ready to cook our Turkey on Thursday. It’ll just be him and I. Kharisma is going to her boyfriends grandmas, our Rikki moved to Texas over a year ago, second Thanksgiving without her, and Ozra works. My niece Krissy invited us over, grateful, yet want to make us dinner here instead.

I can’t make us a full spread, but I can accomplish the awesome basics. Yum!

He has a 4 day weekend. So excited to have him home. 

I haven’t spent much time blogging and so much of what I had been sharing here last year ended up solely on Facebook. Perception fuels negative reality as much as it can secure a positive one.

Oddly perhaps, I always feel more peaceful when I shut FB down. On the other hand there’s further isolation, extended social anxiety. I’ve had Generalized Anxiety for years. Social continues to grow as compared to just a few years ago. 

I had always had a knack for writing, public speaking. Pieces and Poetry. Writers block. 

It occurred to me that each time I’ve ever deactivated Facebook was this same time each year. 

Seasonal depression (with MDD in the background, pain disorders, +) that includes new current events each time. 

Where will I go from here?


Happy Thanksgiving. 

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