The Day After Yesterday

Our new years day and evening was pleasant. He worked that morning and.our son was coming to get me for Church as arranged. I was up at 8:00 a.m. and ready for his arrival. 

I called him before he reached me to tell him I couldn’t go after all. My dogs were in a mood and and even though I had already separated them in order to leave, as soon as I closed the door behind me and stepped outside the gate to meet Ozra they started howling like wolves, loudly. I could hear them from the driveway. I had an uneasy feeling.

My husband got home from work early afternoon. I had done chores, my physical routines, and got everything ready to cook the next day. 

We played Words, listened to music and I was inclined to reactivate Facebook to wish everyone a happy New Year, share some progress and family. 

All was good.

And then,

The dog fight. I mean that literally. We both jumped up, he grabbed 2 of them, and was bit pretty badly in 3 fingers and his thumb. I grabbed the other 2 that suddenly wanted to fight as well and was bit pretty good with both a gash and puncture in my left lower thumb. The puncture hit the bone and swelled through to the palm of my hand. 

Now I had 2 near worthless hands, he had one good one. As we’re both securing our own mass bleeding my mind goes straight to I don’t care about CRPS. Don’t care about if a flare starts, not worried about a spread. If I cared that much I would have reminded myself before I intervened, I have CRPS you can’t get involved in a dog fight and don’t help him either. I might think a lot of things, but I don’t think like that. 

Regardless of the situation, I had planned to cook a Turkey and it still needed to get done.

I re deactivated Facebook. 

I needed to get creative in order to achieve my goal and throw any pain or thoughts of it away that could otherwise halt or alter new years day.

At 3:30 p.m yesterday the bird came out of the oven and dinner was still a success. 

He left for work nearly 2 hours ago swollen, punctured and gashed. He works in fulfillment, he uses his hands and feet all day. I’m not sure how he’ll manage the shift but I have faith in him that even in pain he will. 

The only part I got upset at but held back on repeating was that I told him immediately to wash his hands. He didn’t. Today his hand shows signs of infection. Today too I did mention again that I told him to care for it and he said he did. Yeah once the next day. To be clear, I’m speaking of wound washing. Before work he went to buy peroxide, triple antibiotic ointment and bandages.

We want help, advice, want our injuries and pain acknowledged, yet won’t consider enough any that’s given until it’s too late to reduce further damage, complications or pain. 

I’m glad it happened on the eve. It went bye bye at midnight and yesterday was good even though my perception or mindset could have been all bad.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” Oprah Winfrey

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