To Cut or Not to Cut

A few days before the debut of Hope Is True by iPain in Los Angeles on September 1st, I had about 6 inches cut off my hair. I chickened out on the spot from having it cut shorter and into bangs.

It’s still long and not exactly easy to care for since losing partial feeling in one of my hands, thumb and forefinger. My gripping ability. I haven’t stopped using that hand, in fact, I continue to braid as my own type of physical therapy. I can braid down, but taking them out is more difficult. Having long hair I can twist all of it up as needed. Having shorter hair and bangs may end up being more of an issue since I have spiral wavy locks, so with bangs I’d either have to straighten or …  yuck, I’m not sure.

A change would be nice but then you can’t have back what you cut off for a few years. And then my signature look with long braids are hasta luego, too. See ya later. Bye! Adios.

Oh the dilemma!

I don’t want to be in deep doo doo, shit, mierda, you know, ka ka.

But then I’m like shit is just shit and some shit can be cleaned up. Mostly. ~laughing


Well shit!


Image source: Redbubble

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