Playing in the dirt isn’t bad, but it’s much more fun rolling around in the mud. Especially when it’s nice and gooey.


What do we need to fix it she asked. I don’t know it’s still plugged, he said. Well can we start with that again then, she answered.

Pain and disability. People give away the ability to take care of the things that should matter. They become locked in their own minds and that’s where they stay. We can’t help people that aren’t ready to be helped and we can’t force someone to change things either.

One either has to do it themselves or leave it using what’s available on hand and cope with it.

What else can we do. New coping strategies develop to survive through the obstacles.

I’m not sure how I’m going to do all of it. Asking any questions just puts a damper on us.

Money isn’t important to me other than for what needs to be paid for by it.

Pay for it then.

We all have problems and we all have ability.

If I had boy parts it would be easier.

But I don’t.

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