La Pagar Kajira

La Pagar Kajira


by Twinkle VanFleet

Without forced, mislead intentions

Entrusting was his heart

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Unless sincerity tore it apart

Bridges burned, abandoned

Embracing a future anew

Stepping over piles of rubble

Took on another view

Finding contentment and solace

That some had torn away

Strength, support and conviction

Tamed sorrow for another new day

He knew passion and fear existed

Beneath the pains she hid so well

The afflictions inside, she expressed it

but really who could tell

He could lead her toward survival

She could serve with fire or ice

Submit to another tomorrow

Make the best of a challenging life

Grow with determined ambitions

Retaining a slaves pride and grace

Surrendering into his will

That ashes have come to replace

Obedient, im-bonded, subservient

A woman, mans truest treasure

A pleasing, passionate, fiery slut

For his heavenly erotic pleasure

Maybe in his chains and at his mercy

Perhaps once, a preconceived idea

Still nothing but his slave girl

La pagar kajira

©2006-2015 Twinkle Wood-VanFleet/ellajC

For viewing purposes only. May not be copied, reproduced or altered in any way.

Has been published at alternative lifestyle, Gorean, and poetry sites throughout the years.

Copyright Laws and Regulations of the United States

One of my very best!

(Peer review)

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