3 Girls with RSD/CRPS

Megan 15, Tori 15, and Gracie 11.

Help These Girls Get the RSD/CRPS Treatment they need!

Megan Manuel (15)

Megan needs a Spinal Cord Stimulator

Tori Quinton (15)

Tori needs Calmare Therapy

Gracie (11)

Gracie need to get to Dallas for CRPS Treatment

2 of the girls are 15 years old with RSD, one is only 11 with RSD.
Please consider helping them reach their fundraising goals or by sharing their pages so that they might have an extra opportunity for better exposure. The girls will be featured by the Power of Pain Foundation’s Patient Fundraiser Program August 2014.

As a CRPS/RSD patient myself, I would like to help their pages get noticed too, get  the care they need, even if in this small way, so that they might have a better quality of  life moving into their adult and teen years. They are each at a precious ages with school functions to look forward to, dances, activities to enjoy. Without pain relief  this will not be as possible as most take for granted. As adults it is hard enough, most of us have gone through life lessons to teach us strategies for survival. Adults can barely manage. I believe young ones have it much harder. They need life experiences, good memories to build on.

Their adult world comes soon enough.

Each parent will choose their child’s options, they may even decide on something else along the way…

Any recognition for Megan, Tori and Gracie is much appreciated.

Thank you!

Toxic Neuropathy Patient- Kimberly Neff

KimberlyNeffKimberly Neff has Toxic Neuropathy that was caused by a work “accident”. Her story goes as this ““ Two years ago she was working as a security guard in a gate house for a residential community. When a worker from their monthly pest control company came out to spray for ants, she showed him some video footage where ants were coming from the air ducts. So, he decided to push the attic door open and just fill the attic with pesticide fog. He told her to leave both doors open, and that she should be fine: Now Kim is in a wheelchair, she can’t walk on her own, she’s lost most feeling in her legs, she sometimes loses control of her bladder and bowel functions, she has neurological problems and people treat her differently. Kim is currently on 18 different prescription medications/lotions/patches and she is still waiting on Disability for assistance.

The above has been altered from Kimberly’s own words. 

To read Kim’s entire story and consider offering assistance, please see her page at: Please help me, Toxic Neuropathy Patient


(This is independent of the POPF’s Patient Fundraiser for Youth)

Kim is 25 and her story touched me.