Pain Awareness Month 2014

Help Sara move forward in her life by considering to support her medical treatment fund. Sara, like many of us has CRPS/RSD and is trying hard to work toward her dreams.


Toxic Neuropathy Patient- Kimberly Neff

KimberlyNeffKimberly Neff has Toxic Neuropathy that was caused by a work “accident”. Her story goes as this ““ Two years ago she was working as a security guard in a gate house for a residential community. When a worker from their monthly pest control company came out to spray for ants, she showed him some video footage where ants were coming from the air ducts. So, he decided to push the attic door open and just fill the attic with pesticide fog. He told her to leave both doors open, and that she should be fine: Now Kim is in a wheelchair, she can’t walk on her own, she’s lost most feeling in her legs, she sometimes loses control of her bladder and bowel functions, she has neurological problems and people treat her differently. Kim is currently on 18 different prescription medications/lotions/patches and she is still waiting on Disability for assistance.

The above has been altered from Kimberly’s own words. 

To read Kim’s entire story and consider offering assistance, please see her page at: Please help me, Toxic Neuropathy Patient


(This is independent of the POPF’s Patient Fundraiser for Youth)

Kim is 25 and her story touched me.

Power of Pain Patient Fundraiser Program for Youth


Power of Pain Foundation is excited to announce our fundraisers program. Each month POPF will donate $200 that will be spread evenly to 4 fundraisers. Each fundraiser selected will receive a $50 dollar donation and will be hosted on the home page With a focus on youth, each fundraiser selected must be under the age of 21.

We understand the difficulties of raising funds. We want to spread awareness about your fundraiser. We want your story to be heard and have the chance to say thank you to those that do donate. Read someones story, make a donation and feel good about yourself at the same time. No donation is too small. A whole lot of little adds up to a gob!

If you would like to donate to this program and raise the amount that gets spread evenly please click here.

Fundraisers Program

All donations are tax deductible. See your donations directly help others. When you donate to this program your donation will add to the amount that gets spread evenly amongst our fundraisers for the month. It’s a fun and exciting way to see your donation help others. When you choose to donate to this program, your name will be listed as a program sponsor. Have fun helping others and feel good about yourself at the same time.

Please make your donations to this program dividable by 4.

If you know of a youth from infant to 20 years of age, please contact:

Power of Pain’s National Youth Ambassador

Kurtis VanFleet


We thank you!

10th Annual Make A Wish Arizona: Walk For Wishes- (Team) Power of Pain Foundation


Please join the Power of Pain Foundation team and choose the “I Wish to BE…ORANGE” category. Orange being the awareness color for chronic neuropathy pain.

Our Team Member’s at the time of this posting are:

Barby Ingle

Our team goal is to raise $1,000. We would love to exceed that! We have raised $300 and there are 55 days left.

Please consider making a donation on my behalf on my page at:

Or visit Power of Pain Foundation’s Page at:

and choose who you would like to donate and support.

Please know now that I may not be walking for certain as much as I would love to try. I am however raising funds for my team and the Walk For Wishes. I am still apart of the team. I’m not even 8 weeks Post Op yet and much has to do with follow up appointments and my ability to actually be able to. I still want to support and raise if I can. 🙂

Thank you for supporting Make-A-Wish Arizona. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Thank you also for your consideration!

Always be as well as you can be,

~Twinkle V.