Christmas 2015

Hanging on the wall in the VanFleet home.

Hanging on the wall in the VanFleet home.

Originally we were going to go over to our son and daughter’s Christmas morning. Instead we went over on Christmas eve. Our son had to work until 2:oo a.m. Father and daughter watched the football game. They can get loud and crazy. I’m not a football girl, so at first I was listening to Spotify tunes and then I hung out with our grandson watching funny Vine video’s. We were all in bed fairly early. My husband and I were the first up Christmas morning. We woke about 8:50 a.m and got up about 9:00 a.m. Everyone else was sleeping. My husband said heck no! it’s Christmas morning they never let us sleep in on Christmas, so he went and woke ‘Tai up and I woke Kharisma. Ozra didn’t get in from work until 3:00 a.m and while I did go wake him, gave him a bit longer. Coffee was already on when I woke our daughter.

We didn’t do Christmas dinner, times are just hard that way and we all did a nice Thanksgiving dinner at our daughter and son in laws. Since our daughter Rikki and Dan were going to his family, we decided to just do Christmas breakfast/brunch and that’s what we did. Our oldest Kharisma, our grandson De’Mantai (‘Tai), our son who had to work that day too, and my husband and I.  All was as perfect as it could be! We’ve made alterations like this before when one or more of us had to work and we couldn’t be together. I’ve even changed the day or time so that we all could be.

Our 9 year old grandson was lit up by the hand made blanket he was gifted from our friend Debbie and the toys and Disney lithographs he received for his advocacy from the Power of Pain Foundation.

We managed to get a few photos before our son left for his second job providing security for the State of California. His first job is an 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. My dad is a retired officer, my son’s God dad is an active officer, and my son is training to be. Recently promoted to Sergeant in the Sheriffs Explorer’s program to lead others as he was the last 4+ years. Former National Youth Ambassador for the Power of Pain Foundation and Executive Board Member that’s where our grandson will be one day.

Father, Son, Mama Xmas 2015

Our daughter returned to work a month or more ago after a 3 month leave for medical reasons. She finally had her MRI at Stanford we hit a snag on. Hoping for answers on tumor growth, intervention, and treatment plan soon. It’s all so ongoing.

In her world anything is possible. Nothing can hold HER back. Her power and ambition are her strength. It is always about HER. Welcome to Her world. Thank you. (For Kay from Ozra)

In her world anything is possible. Nothing can hold HER back. Her power and ambition are her strength. It is always about HER. Welcome to Her world. Thank you. (For Kay from Ozra)

Brother and sister. Ozra and Kharisma.

Brother and sister. Ozra and Kharisma.


Father and son spent the morning putting together the 3 way game table that Kurtis Ozra (Ozie) gifted his house. ‘Tai was so excited.

Father and son. (Kurtis Ozra and Erik Kurtis)

Father and son. (Kurtis Ozra and Erik Kurtis)


Son and Mother ('Tai and Kay/Kharisma)

Son and Mother (‘Tai and Kay/Kharisma)

‘Tai had to play his mom a few games.


And before his Uncle headed out the door for work, nephew wanted some candy…

Nephew and Uncle ('Tai and Ozra)

Nephew and Uncle (‘Tai and Ozra)










Wish we had Rikki with us but we can’t be children hogs. We do have to share. 🙂

I raised some amazing kids, all 3 of them. Daughter Kharisma is a manager, daughter Rikki is an Assistant Funeral Director and son Ozra is everything he can be at 18. I did good! We did good Erik VanFleet! 2016 is 30 years strong. De’Mantai Xayvier is already on his way as a Gifted and Talented Education student. Several honor roll achievements to his name.

Honored to be honored for just being mama. (son and mother, Ozra and Twinkle)

Honored to be honored for just being mama. (son and mother, Ozra and Twinkle)



Yeah, we all did good!

It was a Merry Christmas!








I hope your Christmas was blessed, too.


Thanksgiving – Being Thankful

Image Credit by Ozra

Image Credit by Ozra

I’m thankful that my mom was able to make it here from Georgia over the summer. I’m thankful for our time together. I miss her. I’m thankful for my husband, our 2 daughters, our son and our grandson. I’m thankful for the food we prepared and all ate together.

I’m thankful for family and friendships and the friendships that are family. I’m thankful for people who try when trying is hard enough to achieve. I’m thankful for the acquaintances. I’m thankful for all our differences because if we were all the same there would be nothing to learn from. I’m thankful for both joy and pain.

I’m thankful for the Council and the Enlightened because we understand the meaning of humanity beyond the scope of the physical world. I’m thankful for the experiences in all that they’ve been, and I’m thankful for the memories that accumulate in time.

I’m thankful for today, tomorrow and yesterday,

Because it’s all right now.



I’m thankful for the love…

… And the light.

Twinkle VanFleet Thanksgiving 2015 3

I’m Thankful, Thanksgiving 2015

A Bit of Hope

A Bit of Hope

By Twinkle VanFleet

shutterstock_129078545 - GodsHand

A hand reached out from heaven,

And lifted her toward the sky,

She saw a glimpse of heaven,

Through the twinkle in his eyes.

I give to you the world,

There you will change many lives,

Because of you, they will love me,

They will see me… the spirit,

Through your eyes.


I gave to you hope,

You will always hope for them,

I gave to you a voice,

Use it now and again.

I gave you a golden heart,

So it may always be true,

I gave to you the personality,

I made not another soul like you.

You will always shine,

Like stars of the night-light,

You are a special one,

From the dust,

I made you right.


Your words will teach them,

Only a few and I will understand,

His heart will love you,

He receives from me your hand.

Teach them the truth,

You will know what it means,

You will be the many winds,

Beneath his wings.


He will cherish you, but

Your own heart will cherish him more,

Together, you must share with the world,

My hopes and dreams

Hope is what I made you for.

©1995-1999-2015 Twinkle wood-VanFleet/Golden Rainbow Poetry/All Rights Reserved. First publication: by Golden Rainbow Poetry licensed as a small business in the City of West Sacramento, CA. 1995. OL- 2007. Written 30+ years ago. Slightly altered from original.