Voltaren – Now Available OTC

Voltaren Topical Gel which was previously a prescribed analgesic is now available as an over the counter pain reliever.

I looked up both Walmart and Amazon.


These are just screen shots for information purposes.

Volteran can be helpful for spot treatments and limb relief.

I’ve found that it can take some edge off of RSD/CRPS, arthritis bone, and muscle pain. It was specifically prescribed to me for cervical radiculopathy discomfort and associated symptoms.

I’ve also used prescribed diclofenac under the name Pennsaid. They both offered an element of relief.

What is Voltaren?


What is Pennsaid?


I hope this provides you an option to consider.

If you have heart problems, consult your physician or pharmacist before using. It’s been said to cause adverse effects.

Be safe.


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