In early November I made a short video referring people to iPain for NERVEmber. It was the last video I would do, speaking. I faked it fairly well.

As I continue forward, it hasn’t been without other things worsening.  One of them is the ability to speak and pronounce words properly. Leaving my accent aside, I can’t properly speak 2 of my children’s names, or many others, yet it’s dependent on the letters involved. Words, sentences. I’ve been ‘re learning another language. If I can’t speak English properly, how can I speak a foreign language.

I will.

It’s taken a few months to accept this as part of my future. Its taken internal deep digging to love my self as being me, no matter, instead of what others expect me to be or even what they were used to. 

Currently, I’m working on being able to let others hear me again without embarrassment or feeling less than. 

I’m reminded that …

It’s okay to be different

That’s what makes me


Stronger Than Pain 
(Edited to reflect a letter error in the title) 

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