Facebook Messenger

I’m not all that tech savvy as far as Facebook goes. Especially with Facebook and Facebook Messenger having the ability to be 2 separate programs. On my Kindle I have the messenger app with the chat heads. On my laptop I only ever used the messenger from the main Facebook page itself. On my phone, I never used the messenger app.

Ever since deactivating my Facebook account again, I’ve received a few notifications from messenger on my Kindle. I haven’t tried clicking them open, but I can see the first few words of each message without doing so. I’ve verified that my account is inactive.

I’m hesitant to click on them because I don’t know if it will reactivate my account.

If anyone has any tips or information regarding messenger working as an individual communications platform with Facebook connections, please let me know.

download - logo facebook messenger - icons8

I’m not ready to turn my account back on. I can’t even believe it’s been 10 days since not using it again. Time flies.

Staying in touch with people I currently have no access to otherwise would be nice. I don’t sync my contacts to other programs so I do lose everyone when I take my breaks.

Thank you for any information that you may offer.

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