Aftermath of Tragedy- God Bless the USA !

Aftermath of Tragedy

God Bless the USA !

by Twinkle Wood-VanFleet


Headlines read

“America under attack”

My body began to shiver,

The World Trade Center One was on fire

My heart began to pound,

Why, oh why..this cold malicious act.

Please God, help the People,

Another plane heading for Tower Two

Oh, I Prayed.. Lord catch Them..

They’re heading straight for You.

Tears streamed down my cheek..

Our People scattered around,

Praying for New York City

Thousands never to be found.

Let Our Country show No mercy

Terrorism is not the way…

An ultimate price shall be paid

Soon comes judgement day.

In the aftermath of tragedy

Hoping pain eases in the hearts

Of the Families left behind

If not today or tomorrow…

Then somewhere in time.

Yes, I’m still proud to be an American

Even evil couldn’t take that away

I’m as free as Our People they killed

God Bless, the USA!

© 2001-2015 Twinkle Wood-Vanfleet Golden Rainbow Poetry All rights reserved.

Unauthorized duplication is prohibited. Copyright Laws and Regulations of the United States

Published in both hard print and audio.


2 thoughts on “Aftermath of Tragedy- God Bless the USA !

    • Thank you kindly, Jane.
      I very much enjoy those of yours I’ve read. Just beautiful.

      A bit at a time I’m moving mine over here. Not in order of being written, but they’ll be mixed about other posts. Some quite old, some newer.

      Wishing you the very best
      Always keep doing what you’re doing x



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