Overcoming the Stress Response

comtragcrpsa1The Sympathetic Nervous System is derived of 2 components. The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and the Para-Sympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) both of which makes up the Autonomic Nervous System. The Sympathetic Nervous System is also known as Fight, Flight or Freeze. Stress and the Brain can be a serious issue for many individuals. Related or unrelated to various diagnosis’. Over the years I have lisened to thousands of individuals with a multitude of diagnoses.

Most of which touch on the the Stress Response. The stress response is “The Sympathetic Nervous System”. The Sympathetic Nervous System is the Stress Response. It is Fight, Flight or Freeze.

Having Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 2/Causalgia, I’ve had to take pause for an extra peek. Was there something there in my life at the time to cause my body to take this abnormal path. Has the stress and idea of not being able to heal kept me in this abnormal pattern. For me and only me, I cannot dismiss it. I cannot seem to find anything solid, but our minds don’t always work that way conclusively.

I refuse to give up, yet I fall to my own victimization in that I, at times, give up. It doesn’t matter if it is for 5 minutes or for a day. I have the awareness to know that by giving in, am I somehow reconditioning that stress response. I think it is possible. I use many of the alternative techniques available to me on a regular basis. That is how I survive. I also know that I succumb to fears of the future. Fear is anxiety. Anxiety is fear. Fear and anxiety is stress.  Add stress to chronic pain and you, or I, will always have a vicious cycle to endure.

Rarely do I focus on the physical decline of my being, I am aware. If I did, I would continue to re trigger the same event each and every day. I don’t focus on the look, or what I see. I do have trouble with the fact I can’t get out on my own. I have been trying to clear the secondary issue of depression. Many of us believe we are reasonably well. That is what we represent. My family fell to a hard decline a few years ago and since then it has been non stop. Surreal in some ways. A living dream. My personality type is to fix. My family is everything. My husband, children, and my grandchild.

If I can’t fix it, love it, make it right then it is wrong to me.

I have been taught not to show pain behaviors and not to guard. This is almost nature to me. For years now. Seldom if at all.

Perhaps there are times, yet they would be minimal.

I am on my way to getting better! You won’t be able to until you get rid of everything heavy you ever carried. Why? Because chronic pain has a way of bringing it all back. Heavier than it ever was. You will keep everything inside you. All thoughts, misconceptions, hurts, perceived hurts. You will! You have to let it go. And once you do, you will find peace not only in yourself, but in your pain.

~Twinkle VanFleet

Overview of the Autonomic Nervous System


The sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system maintains internal organ homeostasis and initiates the stress response.


Fight, Flight or Freeze: The Stress Response


What is the Stress Response?


Stress Management


Chronic Stress Puts Your Health At Risk


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Systemic Complications of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Click to access Systemic-Complications-of-CRPS.pdf


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