When he was she..

I will never tell anyone who I speak of but He is my best friend. He has a part of my heart that no one will ever have or take from me. He has my unconditional confidence. He has it over my own family and my closest friends. I grew up with him, we went to high school together, lived together. I would absolutely bounce my own family for him! I have memories in photos,  heart and mind, no one else has.

If you don’t understand the title, you don’t need to.

I miss him!

I love you M forever my family, my brother.


Real Love and Good Sex: for Chronic Pain Patients and Their Partners by Ms Barby Allyn Ingle and Mr Ken Ray Taylor



Real Love and Good Sex: for Pain Patients and Their Partners by Ms Barby Allyn Ingle (Author), Mr Ken Ray Taylor (Author)


I was honored to write the forward to this book.

Please keep in mind that the Ms Barby has Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and the tips she gives is her own, she’s not a sexual professional or expert. But a professional in her own life and sexuality living with a chronic, incurable, neuro autoimmune disease which affects the Central Nervous System, the Limbic System, Autonomic Nervous System, and most of all the Sympathetic Nervous System (also known as Fight or Flight) and multiple other bodily functions. The Autonomic Nervous System consists of both the Sympathetic and the Para Sympathetic. Depression is often a secondary diagnosis to RSD/CRPS, however that is not an issue here.

Barby and Ken attempt to help the reader or partner dealing with pain understand that the sexual component in a relationship is still possible. Perhaps not each and ever moment of the day, but that it is possible. Sex induces endorphin’s which in turn reduces chronic pain.

I am in my 14th year with this same disease.

All things are possible. You won’t know if you don’t try.