Broadcasting Live From PAINWeek 2013 Living With HOPE



Broadcasting live from PAINWeek 2013 Host Trudy Thomas of the Featured Living with HOPE Radio Show will be on the air with Co Host Barby Ingle of the Power of Pain Foundation and together they will be interviewing 4 doctors a day with varying backgrounds in pain and treatments that they each have to offer. Each doctor will get 15 mins of air time.

Living w Hope painweek 2013

Trudy and Barby will be doing a 1 hour broadcast live from PAINWeek on Sept. 5th and 6th.

Be sure to stop by the chat room or phone in to listen and find out which doctors will be featured.

Call in to speak with the host and guest speakers  (347) 884-9691 

Are you living with a chronic illness? Chronic Pain?

Depression? You are not alone.  Join us to meet some amazing guests who have walked the same path and come out on the other side.

This show delivers hope, practical advice, ways to find your own path and would like to hear from you about your journey.


‘The mystery of chronic pain’ TED Talk #pain

I hope you found this information helpful and the video educational.
Well wishes,
~Twinkle V.


Elliot Krane talks about his 20 years experience of working with individuals who suffer complex pain. He describes a common scenario that I see in my clinic, whereby the pain has persisted beyond the expected timeline, sometimes by many years, and is accompanied by a range of other signs and symptoms that are all manifestations of the sensitivity that has evolved and become entrenched. This includes a variety of protective behaviours and beliefs about pain and what it means, the latter usually informing the former. The belief system is molded by experiences throughout life and messages given by those responsible for their healthcare. These messages and metaphors can often evoke potent imagery and fear that leads to avoidance and strategies that appear to be useful but are actually preventing the move forwards.

Moving forwards is a challenge. But, we are designed to change, grow and develop. Hence by creating the…

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The Doctor’s Corner: 5 Recent Medical Study Developments

Excellent information from Royal Claims Advocates! I hope you find all 5 Recent Medical Study Developments helpful.
~Twinkle V.

Royal Claims Advocates

There have been several studies released in the past few months that offer promises for better understanding and treatment of several different chronic conditions. Today’s post is going to review some of these advances and how they may affect those with these chronic conditions and how they may impact disability claims.

  • Study Shows Antibiotics May Relieve Chronic Lower Back Pain:  This new study shows that 4 in 10 chronic back pain cases may be caused by bacteria and that 80% of these cases may be successfully treated with antibiotics. antibioticIn this double-blind Danish study, patents were treated with either a placebo or antibiotic regiment 3 times a day for 100 days and then re-evaluated. The placebo group showed no noticeable improvement while patients who received the antibiotics were better able to function after one year with less lower back pain, less leg pain, and fewer days off work due to the condition…

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adequate pain relief and suicide

The following blog is about Adequate Pain Relief and Suicide! I found it both insightful and worth sharing. CRPS/RSD and Chronic pain itself causes suicidal ideations within us. Many will not discuss it, some will say it doesn’t exist within them, other’s will admit it. I am one of them. When you live with constant non stop burning, stabbing, hypersensitivity, deep visceral pain that doesn’t seem to let up, muscle pain, atrophy, your skin discolors, you have lack of blood flow, your hair falls out during one period of time, grows during another, your nails are thin, cracked with lines running through them, your flesh is on fire and you just can’t seem to get a break enough for the continuous wave… yeah, you think of ways out. Most of us do not really want to die, on the contrary, we want to live, but…


Was going through some old journals and came across an article on pain and suicide. This was the “first” study to find that moderate to severe pain caused suicide to happen. **clap, clap, clap** Tell me something I DON’T KNOW. I don’t get how they have to do a study in order for doctors and other mental health professionals to realize that any type of prolonged pain (physical or mental) is going to result in suicide. It astounds me, it really does. And the worse part is that these people are not being treated. That’s the other thing that drives suicide, untreated pain. Granted you can’t treat psychological pain like you can physical pain. There just isn’t a pill you can take to relieve psychological suffering. That is the sad part. But you can assess it. You can hear the person talk about their pain. That is all the person…

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Power of Pain Gets Ready for September: Pain Awareness Month

POPFNationalPainAwarenessMonthPain Awareness Month is right around the corner.  September is always a busy time for most of us.  These are just a few of the Power of Pain Foundation’s events and activities during that time. Please feel welcome to join in on the events you are able to. We have other’s we are involved with from State to State. We look forward to all that you are doing for the mutual cause we share as well as the hope and fight for a cure we all work so hard for when raising awareness. If you have an event you would like me to share, please feel free to contact me.

I wish you pain eased days and nights, ~Twinkle V.

September is Pain Awareness Month!

PAINWeek 2013

September 4, 2013 – September 7, 2013

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Las Vegas

PAINWeek 973-415-5100
Event website:

Lyme MS Neuropathy Pain RSD
Audience: physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, hospitalists, dentists, social workers, and podiatrists

The PAINWeek 2014 Schedule at a Glance is now available! Debuting this year will be two new course formats to broaden the educational experience for our attendees:

Frontline Practitioner Focus will delve into the practice challenges that are particular to provider types and practice settings, including hospitalists, nurses, pharmacists and physician assistants
Clinical Conundrums will present case-based examinations of assessment and diagnosis, and criteria for specialist referral in the pursuit of better treatment outcomes

Chronic Pain Solutions Webinar Series
Power of Pain Foundation


Please register for Chronic Pain Solutions on Jul 24, 2013 5:00 PM PDT at:

Dr. Daniel Twogood, D.C., has been practicing chiropractic medicine in Southern California for 30 years. The doctor will describe 10 steps necessary to lower or eliminate chronic pain. This program does not work for everyone, but is noninvasive and we hope that attendees take away a few good pointers from it. This webinar not a cure, it is a tool to help people manage their chronic pain.

Dr. Twogood will discuss that chronic pain is caused by ongoing inflammation which is caused by specific substances in the diet, food additives & medication. He was also on the blogtalk show Living with Hope, sponsored by the Power of Pain Foundation in May 2013.

Over 100 million Americans suffer with some form of chronic pain such as back pain, fibromyalgia, migraines and arthritis.  His book is easy to read and lists the ten steps necessary to eliminate chronic conditions fibromyalgia, headaches, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease and more, based on this doctors findings over all the years he has been practicing medicine.

Where conventional medicine isn’t always effective, Dr. Daniel reports that relief is available by following these 10 steps outlined in his book. Most patients he works with recover well before 90 days.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

The Power of Pain does not endorse the presenter or their products. This is being offered as a tool that people in pain and their caregivers can listen to, ask questions, and start a discussion.

POPF’s P.A.I.N. Summit 2013

September 14, 2013 @ 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Conference Center
9003 East Shea Boulevard
Scottsdale,AZ 85260


Power of Pain Foundation

The 7th Annual P.A.I.N. Summit hosted by the Power of Pain Foundation provides a great avenue for pain education for providers, patients and their caregivers. This year’s conference consists of an exhibit area and educational sessions that focus on better diagnosis and treatment options for pain patients, chronic pain issues (as a whole), prescription monitoring programs, and Proper Opioid Management. There will be breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack provided to attendees.

The event will be hosted by Brittany Brannon, Miss Arizona USA 2011, model, and RSD patient. The event will also feature two celebrity speakers, Dr. Natalie Stand, MD winner of the Amazing Race, and WWE star and professional wrestler, Raven.

The day will consist of two sessions.
8am – 1:00pm The morning sessions are focused for healthcare providers. This includes all areas of expertise; anesthesiologists, complementary medicine specialists, emergency room, general practitioners, internal medicine, neurologists, nurses, orthopedics, pharmacists, physiatrists, physician assistants, primary care physicians, psychiatrists, surgeons, and therapists. Any clinician who practices, or is interested in practicing, pain management from an integrative perspective, will benefit from the meeting. HCP’s will be introduced to the rapidly expanding field of diagnosis and treatment. This conference will proved attendees a greater awareness and understanding of the need to appropriately identify, diagnose (HCPs only) and treat/seek treatment of common types of pain, including fibromyalgia, painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy and other chronic pain conditions.
1:30pm – 4:30pm The afternoon sessions will be filled with patients and their family/ caregivers. This portion of the conference will provide attendees a greater awareness and understanding of the need to appropriately identify, and treat/seek treatment of common types of pain.

There is no charge to attend this conference.
Schedule (tentative)
HCP Sessions
8:00 am – 4:00 pm Ongoing Registration Breakfast served Hosted by Brittany Brannon
8:15 am – 9:00 am Keynote address: Preventing complications that arise from diabetes such as peripheral neuropathy (pain)
Dr. Natalie Stand, MD, Amazing Race Winner, USC Pain Clinic
9:10 am – 9:55 am An Integrative Approach to Chronic Pain Dr. Philip Getson, DO, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
9:55 am – 10:40 am Cultural Competency and the Patient in Pain Dr. Maged Hamza, Virginia Commonwealth University
Pain Clinic Director, Richmond, VA
10:40 am – 11:20 Evidence Based Chronic Pain Care Linda Watkins, PhD, University of Colorado
11:20 am – 12:00 Complementary Medicine and its role in Chronic Pain Management (TBD)
12:00 pm – 1:00 Open Discussion with the Speakers and Attendees Lunch is served, Exhibitors

Patient/ Caregiver Sessions
1:30 pm – 2:30pm An Integrative Approach to Chronic Pain Dr. Philip Getson, DO, Drexel University, NJ
2:30 pm – 3:15 pm Prescription Drug Monitor program Explained Rob Kronenberg, PharmD
3:15 pm – 4:00pm The Patients Perspective; At Home Pain Coping Skills Raven WWE Wrestler, Barby Ingle Power of Pain
Foundation, and Diane Kennelly AZ Fibromyalgia Group Leader

If you are unable to attend in person, you can attend by watching our UStream Channel

AANEM 60th Annual Meeting
September 17, 2013 – September 20, 2013


Event Website-

American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine


American Academy of Pain Management

September 26, 2013 – September 29, 2013

JW Marriott Orlando
4040 Central Florida Parkway
Orlando,FL 32837

Event Website-

The American Academy of Pain Management’s 24th Annual Clinical Meeting

Come for the education, the experience, and the pure enjoyment!

Join us at the Academy’s 2013 Annual Meeting, Exploring the Science, Practicing the Art and expand your knowledge and understanding about pain management, meet some of the most forward-thinking experts in the field, gain practical hands-on experiences, and have a great time!

Who Should Attend – Any clinician who practices, or is interested in practicing, pain management from an integrative perspective, will benefit from the meeting.


Institute on Psychiatric Services

October 10, 2013 – October 13, 2013


Event Website-


ASA Annual Meeting

October 12, 2013 – October 16, 2013

San Francisco

American Society of Anesthesiologists


Event Website-



2013 Scottsdale Headache Symposium

November 13, 2013 – November 17, 2013


American Headache Society
Event Website-


Comic Pain Relief

November 8, 2013

Chandler Center for the Arts
250 North Arizona Avenue
Chandler,AZ 85225

Power of Pain Foundation 480-882-1342

Event Website:
Comic Pain Relief 2013 presented by the Power of Pain Foundation for NERVEmber. More Info to come!

Comic Pain Relief is a charity show to help raise awareness of chronic pain issues through a great social event using comedy. The event is open the public.

The Comic Pain Relief show will take place to help raise proceeds and support for low income and under-insured patients who are affected by chronic pain conditions such as Post Cancer Neuropathy, MS, Lyme Disease, Diabetic Neuropathy and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

Neuropathy pain conditions affect people of all ages, and races. There are over 100 million Americans with Chronic Pain.

KenTaylorExecutiveDirectorPowerofPainKen Taylor
Ken is the Executive Director of the Power of Pain Foundation, and an expert on several neuropathy conditions.



Through Our Motivation For a Cure, We Turn Pain Into Power!  ©powerofpain

Reflections Of…

Twinkle VanFleet Medtronic ID CardThe last week has been a bit overwhelming and my previous post somewhat confrontational. That is not the image I want left etched in the minds of my readers, followers or the communities in which I’m involved. I do not belong to a single community, but several. Contrary to what has suddenly become popular belief I am not hateful, bitter or spiteful. I have never in my lifetime been out to hurt anyone, I have only ever helped others. Before the injury which led to my CRPS I took care of children that weren’t my own, one had no blood relation to me or my children, other’s were by blood and did not include my own. I breast-fed a child that wasn’t mine because her own mother couldn’t and the baby couldn’t take any type of formula. I saved that baby’s life. I had happened to just give birth to my second daughter 2 weeks before and so was able to be a surrogate for her.

I cared for 2 dying people. I literally closed one of their eyes upon passing. I was not even old enough to really be put in the position to, but I was and I did.

I’ve lived a life of service.

Before I entered the CRPS Community, I was a controversial writer, reporter, small time. Published in various areas of writing, soft erotica, dance, poetry, I owned a small publishing business for a time on top of a 60 hour work week working for someone else and I was still busy doing for other’s.

I’m not here to sugar coat anything. And especially not from the last few days.

I’ve had attempts to add me to friends lists with names such Nancy Drew (Hardy Boy’s Nancy Drew Mysteries, remember those days?) I had a Mary Mack on my list that I didn’t realize was there (Mary Mack Mack Mack all dressed in black black black with silver buttons buttons buttons all down her back back back, remember the old kids clapping game?) and several other fictitious play names have tried to add me My support group has an influx of people attempting to join. I’ve had pages go up about me, one taken down, I’ve been called awful names, I’ve been told I’m going to be sued, I’ve been apologized to, and told if the person knew my name they would address me by it. I didn’t understand this all day yesterday because the person was messaging me to my name. Then I realized she must think I’m using a nick name. So many of them do. It was assumed I was also.

I’ve been kicked out of what I will call a group to give it anonymity., I will not mention the name and if asked I will not tell you. I honestly do not know if it’s common knowledge or not. All those involved were removed from what I understand. It did seem a little odd for me as I had not posted there at all. I cannot let it hurt me, anymore. I admit that it did! Very much so! I have no animosity toward the administration for their decision.

While many are very upset with me, I do not have any regrets in regards to letting everyone know that the information I posted in the comment section of the previous post was truthful and accurate.

My only regret if it’s even a regret at all is that when push came to shove I shoved back with a vengeance.

Would I do what I did again? I’m not sorry to say, yes! Yes I would!  I don’t need popular to survive, I only need to survive. I am not just a CRPS survivor,  no….

I am simply a survivor!

My life has shown me that from the very beginning in all it’s let me see and feel for myself.

I wish you all pain eased days and nights,

Proof of my name is included.

~Twinkle VanFleet