adequate pain relief and suicide

The following blog is about Adequate Pain Relief and Suicide! I found it both insightful and worth sharing. CRPS/RSD and Chronic pain itself causes suicidal ideations within us. Many will not discuss it, some will say it doesn’t exist within them, other’s will admit it. I am one of them. When you live with constant non stop burning, stabbing, hypersensitivity, deep visceral pain that doesn’t seem to let up, muscle pain, atrophy, your skin discolors, you have lack of blood flow, your hair falls out during one period of time, grows during another, your nails are thin, cracked with lines running through them, your flesh is on fire and you just can’t seem to get a break enough for the continuous wave… yeah, you think of ways out. Most of us do not really want to die, on the contrary, we want to live, but…


Was going through some old journals and came across an article on pain and suicide. This was the “first” study to find that moderate to severe pain caused suicide to happen. **clap, clap, clap** Tell me something I DON’T KNOW. I don’t get how they have to do a study in order for doctors and other mental health professionals to realize that any type of prolonged pain (physical or mental) is going to result in suicide. It astounds me, it really does. And the worse part is that these people are not being treated. That’s the other thing that drives suicide, untreated pain. Granted you can’t treat psychological pain like you can physical pain. There just isn’t a pill you can take to relieve psychological suffering. That is the sad part. But you can assess it. You can hear the person talk about their pain. That is all the person…

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