My Future Influencer

His little finger says it all. 😂

Ezekiel was due on the 14th of July. Instead, he entered the world on June 27th.

This may have been his salute to 2020 or even his response to tummy time.

Either way, my little grand nugget seems quite confident in how he feels.

Today, he’s a month old.

People sometimes say that children shouldn’t be born in times like these. These are hard times! That much I agree with.

Little children need sunshine, play, and interaction.

I pray we return to what we knew as normal. If not. these babies will grow to know no other way.

They are our future leaders and influencers!

I’ll be nearly 70 years old when he’s 18.


I’ll be right here striving and thriving forward to see that day.

Nana loves you so very much lil E-z!

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