Physical health VS Mental Health

Many people with physical health conditions are adamant that they’re sick and in pain only. Additionally they believe there’s no mental health involved in their circumstances. This cannot be true. All that we are affects our mental health. Our physical pain, diseases, incurables. Our emotions, joy, happiness, mindsets, everything that we feel, are, is primarily our mental health first and foremost.

Some like to announce that pain and illness is solely in the body Yeah. Trust me my friends it’s in our heads too. In order to cope our minds also dictate ability. The brain itself doesn’t feel pain, our minds do. 
People diagnosed with any chronic pain illness, cancers included, should receive integrated pain care. 

Physical and mental health management should be a tandem effort. 

I’ve come a long way. My 2015-2016 posts reveal…

Well, I’ll leave that up to you to decipher. 

Don’t let suicide become your choice. 

Hard, I know. Surviving those attempts is harder than completing the act itself. For one, wouldn’t be here to deal with it, secondly the backlash on self, family and friends is…..

 You’ll never be respected or viewed the same again.

Heart with you.

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