I sound like a tease, huh? That’s because I am. 🙂 Sorting out how to start a new life, and be productive in society differently that I had been. Anxiety? Yup. Yet nothing of what it had been from fear of uncertainty and distress.

Deciding what to take and what not to. Not taking this laptop. Don’t need it. Where am I going? For now, just going.

Valerian root is helping. Drinking a lot of water to flush Cymbalta back out of me as I wean off it again. Got me covered on abrupt discontinuation this time.

I’m so happy my kids can just breathe now and my husband will be okay, too.

I have to be blessed for 2016. Without all that it’s been 2017 couldn’t have the same chance.

A brand new journey. One that in time I’ll share more of.

Came out to the porch a bit ago. I do love sitting out here when I’m at the kids. Still the only one up. Am awake early often now. A good thing. In bed really early most nights. E and K are going to R’s today. I think I’m going to stay here and move some files around, continue to watch the shows I have paused on Netflix and I don’t know, maybe a nap. Trying to get rid of a cold. Probably need to up the Vitamin C. Finally my eye is healing yet again. It’s really just become an annoyance.

I was thinking about one more piercing. All of mine represent a significant event in pain. Would love one that doesn’t mean pain at all. If my body rejected it though, I wouldn’t be a happy camper.

I suppose too there’s only one way to find out.

But for now, I need more coffee.