waterfireheartTurning pain into her greatest asset was like turning water into wine by the bitter and sweet essence of nature. She waited. Wanting to become numb and no longer feel, but she also knew she would have to feel to understand. She knew that without walking shoes of others that she could never really embrace what they’ve gone through or was heading for. She would have to go there, too.

She began to think that her heterogeneous spirit was equal to an ugly duckling swimming alone in a vast pond of siblings. She wanted to feel everything and nothing at the same time because she was the light and became darkness through the worldly conflicts of being human in the first place.

Transitioning through the elements of water and stepping barefoot through the fire of both pain and passion to uncover a balance of consciousness and self awareness that had become divided long ago.

To find out who she was…

…she would have to meet herself first.





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