MLT Revolution

Could you ever imagine whether recently diagnosed with CRPS, Causalgia, RSD, or 2, 16, or 20+ years in that you could be pain free or relieved so much that suffering is no longer you? I didn’t either. It is possible. I promise. ~T

Gohl program


The MLT Revolution

In treating patients with muscle and joint pain, GohlProgram in Guadalajara, Mexico utilizes Manual Ligament Therapy. This is a revolutionary alternative pain relief technique developed by Arik Warren Gohl.

MLT Founder

Arik Warren Gohl has been a clinical manual therapist since 1999. In the years since graduating, he has developed numerous clinical practices and curriculums for Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, and Chiropractors.
In the past 12 years, Arik has become well known for creating a new type of treatment called Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT) and has been endorsed by some of the most respected researchers and doctors in the world, including Dr. Moshe Solomonow PhD and Dr. Edward Glaser, owner of Sole Supports orthotics.
In his time as a therapist, Arik has continued to seek new and more effective ways to treat difficult conditions with an advanced combination of modalities including dynamic stretching, movement re-education, and manual…

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2 thoughts on “MLT Revolution

  1. This is our hope? Maybe try sippin Duck Flippant Soup? For those of us with the full body generalized treasure, it’s gotta happen at the system level. It’s in the cells.


  2. It is a full body approach as necessary. And while it may be in the cells, on a cellular level, resetting, or reversing “abnormal” pain signals isn’t hopeless.

    That’s like saying once we get chicken pox that the shingles virus is already inside us. True, yet that doesn’t mean we have to continue to feel the pain or symptoms associated that shingles provoked, right?

    I wish you well.


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